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Anne Räsänen

VP, Head of Public, Healthcare and Welfare, Finland, Tieto

Data has often been termed the new oil, but unlike its fossil counterpart, the amount of data that is generated today is virtually inexhaustible. The opportunity that lies therein, to shape a smarter, more advanced society is unprecedented in human history. More

Johan Höglund

Vice President, Head of Healthcare, Welfare and Education, Tieto

In a smarter society, the healthcare and welfare sectors will be characterized by its efficiency, its new ways of working, and by an empowered citizenry who will have control over how they engage with and receive digital services. And that smarter society is not very far away. More

Yulia Filipovich

Compliance Manager, Tieto Compliance Cloud, Tieto

Today, the cloud has been widely acknowledged as an effective and efficient enabler to improve the IT landscape. But many, especially in certain industries, still worry about the security and compliance of cloud services and regard security and compliance as an “apple of discord” for cloud. More

Esa Manneri

Customer Executive, Government sector in Finland, Tieto

Public sector organizations are adapting their processes to ensure GDPR compliance. One major concern is how citizens’ data is spread out in data silos that may be out of sync. Why is this critical, and what must be done? More

Markus Hautala

Head of Blockchain Solutions, Tieto

Antti Kettunen

Digital Hustler, Tieto

Markus Hautala and Antti Kettunen reveal how Blockchain has rapidly emerged as one of the disrupting technologies of the digital age More

Matti Ristimäki

Director of Data-Driven Businesses in Health, Wellbeing and Public, Tieto

How to create a proactive healthcare strategy? More

Raghunath Koduvayur

Head of Marketing, Technology Services and Modernisation and Strategic Marketing., Tieto

Whatever the industry, whatever the purpose of the business, whatever the desired outcomes, business success is the ultimate goal of every business leader. More

Democracy as we know it is experiencing serious turmoil. Average voter turnout in the latest EU elections was just 43 percent. Only a minority of Europeans decided to make their voice count by casting a ballot. Within the next two years national elections will be held in no less than four Nordic countries. How will citizens in this region exercise their democratic rights? In what ways would they like to make themselves heard? More

Simon Kavanagh

Lifecare Chief Designer, Tieto

The status quo of siloed data storage is unsustainable and the time to act is now. More



Trond Bjørseth

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tieto

Have you ever in the course of a workday, maybe during a project, asked yourself: Where could that file be? That attachment? Or that document? Then you have had a brush with something central and fundamental to records management. More



Matti Ristimäki

Director of Data-Driven Businesses in Health, Wellbeing and Public, Tieto

Smart services have also become the key theme in the dialogue on citizen services. The data and possibilities already exist, but the beef is in how smart services are built and how we can make them deliver business value in an agile way. High-quality, rich data can provide valuable information to support business processes. More

Trond Bjørseth

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tieto

Businesses/organizations that are the most successful at records management have some common traits, such as being good at searching, reusing, producing, and storing documentation or at controlling the collection of internal and external comments. More



Mats Brandt

Vice President for Public sector, Tieto Sweden

The public sector is facing an exciting future with major challenges and opportunities ahead. We are in the middle of a digital age where enterprises and organizations are constantly under pressure to evolve and offer more innovative services to their customers. As all players are connected to an ecosystem, partnership is becoming increasingly important. More

3 Myths About Cloud Services

February 23, 2016. | Andreas Munch, Tieto

Andreas Munch

Head of SaaS Operations, Tieto

My contention is that a lot of enterprises—maybe even the majority of them—can do very well using “best practices” software. And it will be one of the most economically sensible choices you’ll ever make. More


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