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Are you ready to share your car data?

September 25, 2018. | Ari Aalto, Tieto

Ari Aalto

VP, Automotive, Product Development Services, Tieto

Digital cars collect an incredible amount of data as they connect and interact with the environment. Many parties are eager to access and use your car data. Would you let them? More

Two facts every mobile operator should know about signaling

May 22, 2018. | Jörgen Trank, Product Development Services, Tieto Corporation

Jörgen Trank

Lead Product Manager, Product Development Services, Tieto Corporation

Sami Suro

Director, Business Solutions, Tieto

Today, the ability to stay competitive relies heavily on development quality and delivery speed. You need to launch new functionalities to serve businesses better, offer customers new digital services, all the while complying with market and legislative requirements. More

How agile are your projects?

March 22, 2018. | Janne Sjögren, Tieto

Janne Sjögren

Lead Solution Consultant, Tieto

Have you tried implementing Agile methodology in your company, yet kept on running projects in the same manner as always? Are you ready to step away from the status quo? Have you ever heard of Agile development? Tieto Fiori Factory is the road to Agile UI design. More

Auli Peltola

Head of SAP Application Lifecycle Management, Application Services, Tieto

Did you know that Tieto is currently the only service provider in the world with a Gold level certificate in SAP Application Lifecycle Management? In this blog, I will tell you what this entails and what benefits this brings to our customers. More



Kirsi Linke

Lead Enterprise Architect, Tieto

Software robotics is revolutionising the workplace and changing the world! The headlines can either see the potential of software robotics as a saviour bringing effectiveness, or as a threat making the human workforce obsolete. But what exactly are these robots that will transform our work life? More


Shekhar Tankhiwale

Head of Businessa and IT transformation, Tieto

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a huge paradigm shift for Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) in terms of business models, products and business processes. It has also came in as a big opportunity for the Telcos who saw in it possibilities to offset the decreasing voice revenues coupled with stagnant data revenues. More



Mina Massoud

Principal Consultant, Tieto

The transition from Network Operations (NOC) to Service Operations (SOC), changes the focus from ensuring the smooth operation of the network to understanding and safeguarding the quality experienced by key consumer services and individual high-revenue customers. More


Esa Sorola

Lead Architect, Tieto Managed Services, Tieto

Business rocks on mainframe 4/6 – Imagine Internet without videos, photographs, graphics and music. Just numbers, letters and code. Think how fast your laptop would be? And how quick your smartphone or tablet would get? More

Ville Tawaststjerna

Solution Manager Collaboration and Productivity Solutions, Tieto

A recent article in Wall Street Journal, including an interview with the CEO, caught my eye because of the strong presence of common sense radiating from the text. More


Quo vadis, Intranet?

April 7, 2015. | Ville Tawaststjerna, Tieto

Ville Tawaststjerna

Solution Manager Collaboration and Productivity Solutions, Tieto

Intranets in many companies are facing generation shifts in the immediate future.  More


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