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Minna Kivimäki

Digital Transformation Lead, Tieto,

Digital relations are the new culture and norm in any modern organization as teams are geographically scattered, working virtually and using various digital services to connect to each other and work together. At the same time, traditional face-to-face relations decrease. This requires new ways of working, while some of the old ones become irrelevant. More

Tomi Teikko

Founder, Advisor and Evangelist, Tieto

Most of the current HR tools have become outdated – a fact accelerated by rapid changes in technologies and the labour market. In our everyday life, there are more and more situations where a single HR manual no longer suits our varied needs. End-user experience needs to be individually tailored, and to achieve this we need new tools. In this blog, I will introduce new technologies that support end-user experience and provide new information for better decision-making. More

Wiser before the event

March 6, 2018. | Edgars Bremze, Tieto

Edgars Bremze

Strategic Product Manager, Tieto

Hollywood has a way of making everything seem like an overnight success. The reality of business away from Tinseltown is very different, though. It can take months — sometimes years — of hard work, persistence, dedication and the right support to become an overnight success. I have just returned from a three-day workshop with a client who would like to modernize their national retail payment infrastructure. The idea of steady preparation is certainly relevant to this undertaking. There’s no denying that this is a massive project. But the right technology partner can help cut project time, cost and complexity. In short, help you to be wiser before the event. More

Sami Uski

Head of Business Development, Banking, Tieto

We are entering a new age of digitalization where almost every aspect of our lives is set to be aided and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This, in turn, will have a domino effect, helping in the shaping of a smarter society where the consumer will be able to make more informed choices. More

Johan Höglund

Vice President, Head of Healthcare, Welfare and Education, Tieto

In a smarter society, the healthcare and welfare sectors will be characterized by its efficiency, its new ways of working, and by an empowered citizenry who will have control over how they engage with and receive digital services. And that smarter society is not very far away. More

Rory Moore

Head of Industrial Services, Tieto

We stand at the precipice of a new revolution in the manufacturing sector. Digitalization will transform the way goods and services are manufactured in a smarter society, in a manner quite unlike anything we have seen before. More

Valdis Janovs

Head of Retail Payments and Cards, Tieto

Edgars Bremze

Strategic Product Manager, Tieto

Closing of last year saw the launch of new instant payment schemes in the US and Eurozone. The main commercial banks in the US are behind RTP®, and nearly 600 payment institutions from eight European countries are participating in SCT Inst (SEPA Instant Credit Transfer). More

Suzana Drakulic

Director Workspace services, Tieto

Albert Einstein’s statement, “Education is not the learning of facts but training the mind how to think”, frames the mindset for how knowledge work will change in 2018. A mind that is trained how to think, will likely also find the quickest way to best execute and implement the “all-not-yet-know” changes ahead of us. Passion, perseverance, problem solving, judgment, relationship building, collaborating and communicating skills, and attitudes, are key for the knowledge workers’ success. More

Marie-Louise Forsberg

Head of Retail and Services, Sweden, Tieto

New competitors, changing consumer needs and increasing demands on service and availability add pressure on retailers. Can cloud solutions be a key enabler for improved competitiveness? And do most companies really know where they stand in this journey? Do you? More

Juha Jossas

Senior Product Owner, Tieto

The era of digitalization is making organisations everywhere realise that software is an essential part of the products and services they deliver. Organisations are also reshaping themselves to include elements that used to belong to software business, such as connectivity, data gathering and mobility. Today, this kind of features and working processes familiar within software business, are applied in all organisations. Eventually, software is everywhere. More

Aki Kupiainen

Senior Management Advisor, Technology Services and Modernization, Tieto

The solar eclipse witnessed in 2015 was the first to occur during the era of solar energy. It was closely followed, not only by public enjoying this magnificent nature show, but by the energy markets. Especially in Germany where on sunny days some 40% of the energy is provided by the sun. Although no major problems were reported in Europe, the electricity prices went up and down during the three hours in which the sun was obscured by the moon. More

Joni Leskinen

Lead Solution Architect, Tieto

Microsoft's Azure Stack promises to be a game changer in the cloud computing market when it goes on general release at the later part of 2017, and we at Tieto are working hard to bring the benefits of Azure Stack to our customers. More

Anders Huldén

Concept Owner for Transformation, Tieto

'The speed of change’ may no longer be quantified as speed, but merely as a state. In order to support growth, customer centricity and business incubator activities, business requirements assume and call for organisational settings to be flexible, fully supportive and aligned. Additionally, traditional leadership is challenged when network leadership is becoming the norm. More

Anders Huldén

Concept Owner for Transformation, Tieto

For organisations to succeed with digital initiatives, it is important that executive management and business leaders take ownership of the digital agenda, create a baseline and a common language. Why? More

Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

Historically, every revolution has advanced human civilization. Innovation, new technologies and new value creation potential have increased the quality of life, increased life expectancy and advanced societal wellbeing. The current transformation triggered by digitalization feels – quite rightfully so – almost revolutionary. This does not, however, necessarily mean a huge difference from earlier periods of transformation that businesses and the society likewise have had to come to terms with. More

Erwin de Bont

Head of IT infrastructure and Platform Services, Tieto

A couple of years ago, my brother in law was telling me that he wanted to run the marathon in Rotterdam in his life. Like me, he was heading to the respectable age of 50 and his body curves were not supporting that idea. Anyway he changed his behaviour and discipline to train multiple times a week, didn’t eat unhealthy food or drink alcoholics. It took two years of training, and last spring he told me that he is going to run - and he made it. Great story! However, if you look a bit more into the details, it was not a straight path to glory and many times the urge to stop popped up. So a painful, but in the end, a rewarding undertaking. More

Ari Järvelä

Head of Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Yesterday, 400 Finnish customers of ours gathered in the Finlandia Hall for the Tiedon Valo seminar to discuss views on how to make Finland grow together. More

Erwin de Bont

Head of IT infrastructure and Platform Services, Tieto

One of Tieto´s strategic themes is 'to become customers´ first choice'. The IT industry is famous for pushing new technologies into the consumer and B2B markets. It is a coming and going of hypes, mostly accompanied by a lot of noise and overpromises. More

We is the new I

November 15, 2016. | Katariina Kravi, Tieto

Katariina Kravi

Executive Vice President of HR, Tieto

I have worked in Human Resources for some twenty years now. This year I have had an exceptional and hugely inspiring agenda as, on top of the day-to-day HR practices, I have been driving forward two super exciting projects: Tieto’s new head office in Keilalahti, Espoo, Finland and the digitalization of our HR processes with Workday’s cloud-based HR solution. What makes these projects so exciting in my mind is that they are enabling us to take the employee experience at Tieto to the next level. More

Platform driven business – the new reality for insurers

October 6, 2016. | Magnus Bogren, Tieto Financial Services

Magnus Bogren

Lead Consultant, Tieto Financial Services

The era of platform driven business is here—how can insurance companies respond to the challenges ahead? In a series of two blog posts, we dig into the new digital reality for insurers. In the first blog, Magnus Bogren explains why platform driven business models require insurers to both digitize and digitalize. More

Markus Hautala

Head of Blockchain Solutions, Tieto

Blockchain has been described as email for money and the best known application of the technology is Bitcoin. However, the technology itself has vast number of uses beyond cryptocurrency and it is expected that the market for its applications will be measured in the trillions. More

Satyendra Shrotri

Head of Center of Excellence for SIAM, Tieto

We have read across many forums and papers how Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is the strategic glue that binds multiple delivery organisations together in a multi-vendor IT landscape. But despite growing recognition of this, the adoption and maturity of SIAM in Nordics remains low. More

Mikael Ekström

Senior Digitalization Advisory Consultant, Tieto

Have you recently reflected on that more and more of your business processes actually are in the hands of someone else? Either external partners or in department silos internally. Most probably, in that case, they are not the most efficient ones. My advice is: take back control of your business processes! More

Start up digital!

June 20, 2016. | Ari Hirvonen, Tieto

Ari Hirvonen

Head of Enterprise Architecture Consulting, Tieto

Time is money. That is even more relevant in digital era, where competition develops overnight. IT modernization is a valid route for organizations, but that alone can be too hard and slow for many. Complexity for example in product structure and by that in IT need to be rationalized and simplified that requires long perspective in planning and roadmap execution may take years. More

Dare to share!

June 8, 2016. | Johan Schelin, Tieto

Johan Schelin

Sales Executive Machinery and Equipment, Tieto

For the customer it’s simple: either it works or it doesn’t. To stay competitive the manufacturing business must dare to share data. Let go of the thought that my loss is your gain. Open eco-systems bring tremendous value to all involved and the key success factor is increased collaboration. More

Gunnar Tolf

Lead Consultant, Business and IT Transformation, Tieto

Digitalization, and the extreme speed at which new services and business models gets global reach, is putting a new emphasis on an old challenge of established and historically successful companies across industries and geographies. More

Data miners in new gold rush

April 11, 2016. | Ari Hirvonen, Tieto

Ari Hirvonen

Head of Enterprise Architecture Consulting, Tieto

In the nineties Tieto had a vision of an information society where the most of the economic transactions would be related to information. Now we are there.  More

Manish Kumar

Head Offering Management & Customer Enablement Consulting, Tieto

In a world that's increasingly getting digitalized, companies feel the need to play in ecosystems and partner with multiple providers. The life of the IT management is getting tightly intertwined with business management and there is an ever-growing need for effectively orchestrating the complex ecosystems to help meet or even exceed business expectations from operational IT services. More

Manish Kumar

Head Offering Management & Customer Enablement Consulting, Tieto

I have had the privilege of being involved in multiple Service Integration and Management implementation programs at different stages during the years. A critically important aspect I find to stand out in most of them is change management. Suppliers and companies often underestimate the importance of change management in SIAM implementations. Organisations fail to understand the significant change that SIAM will bring as it is implemented across the extended enterprise. More

Esa Sorola

Lead Architect, Tieto Managed Services, Tieto

Business rocks on mainframe 4/6 – Imagine Internet without videos, photographs, graphics and music. Just numbers, letters and code. Think how fast your laptop would be? And how quick your smartphone or tablet would get? More

The ABC of digitalization

March 1, 2016. | Manish Kumar, Tieto

Manish Kumar

Head Offering Management & Customer Enablement Consulting, Tieto

There is a lot of noise in the business world around the need for inventing and deploying new digital business. A thing that has dawned upon the corporate world based on the meteoric success of some of the start-ups that have challenged the corporate stronghold. New start-ups with innovative business models are disrupting traditional businesses and it's time for these businesses to fight back to save their ground. More

Ari Hirvonen

Head of Enterprise Architecture Consulting, Tieto

A technical digitalization platform is prerequisite for all digitalization but foremost we are talking about radical business model change. More

Eija Laamanen

Lead Product Manager, Tieto

In a traditional ITIL framework, escalation paths are well defined, at least for incident management. In the SIAM model, escalation takes place at various levels from operational to strategic, each requiring slightly different approaches. Eija Laamanen sheds light on how it works. More

Esa Sorola

Lead Architect, Tieto Managed Services, Tieto

Business rocks on mainframe part 3/6 – What are the key differences of distributed and mainframe environments? As a devoted spokesperson for Mainframe, let me present this through a somewhat exaggerated comparison. More

What kind of world awaits us in the future, when digitalization has become something you read about in history books and modernization is the stuff of urban legend? Let's imagine life at the next turn of the century… More

Ujjal Choudhury

Director, Corporate Development, Tieto

In this  post, Ujjal Choudhury answers an important question: how do you actually create this balance between the digital and the traditional business? In other words, how do you orchestrate your business into a dual state?  More

Veikko Sippola

Lead Consultant, Tieto

How do you keep up with rapidly changing customer demands and expectations in a digitalized world?  More

Esa Sorola

Lead Architect, Tieto Managed Services, Tieto

Business rocks on mainframe part 2/6 – Imagine for a moment; what if your IT could be virus free, hacker free and aware of its own security? In other words, could IT without stress be a reality for you? More

SIAM governance is a joint effort

December 16, 2015. | Eija Laamanen, Tieto

Eija Laamanen

Lead Product Manager, Tieto

When you have made the decision to jump on the SIAM bandwagon to increase the efficiency of your IT and have all the tooling in place, you still need effective governance to keep the engine running smoothly. Eija Laamanen discusses what good SIAM governance is made of. More

Esa Sorola

Lead Architect, Tieto Managed Services, Tieto

Business rocks on mainframe part 1/6 – Imagine for a moment that your life would depend on a computer to keep you alive. What kind of computer would you choose for that purpose? More

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