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Shopping as we knew it is over!

January 25, 2019. | Jari Kekkonen, Tieto

Jari Kekkonen

CTO, Customer Experience Management, Tieto

Annual NRF Retail’s Big Show conference was arranged once again in the heart of Manhattan, New York on Jan 13-15. Even if the conference is hosted by U.S. based organization National Retail Foundation (NRF) it gathers tens of thousands of visitors representing retailers, brands, solution providers and other people globally interested in the latest trends, ideas, technologies and business opportunities of retail. The conference together its sideline workshops and meet-ups offer also excellent opportunity for networking and meeting new people across the retail world. For the first timer the NRF can be very confusing because there are so many interesting topics to explore and experience. This was my fourth time in the NRF, so I knew well what to expect and how to get most out of it. More

Susanna Rostedt

Customer Experience Manager, Intrum

As the new year unfolds, it is a great time to summarize learnings from the previous one. Last year, we at Intrum started a journey towards something new with our first external hackathon organized in collaboration with Tieto, IBM and Nordic Finance Innovation. More

Jasmiina Galenius

WFM & HCM Solution Consultant, Tieto

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” This quote by Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin group is not only trending on LinkedIn, but also in companies, where the struggle to attract and retain the best talents is real. More

Kia Haring

Head of Global Communications, Tieto

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive technologies we have at this moment. It will not only transform every industry, but it will also change the way we do our work every day. It will transform today’s jobs by taking care of the most routine and repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently, making room for work requiring human skills such as empathy and emotional intelligence. More

Auli Peltola

Head of SAP Application Lifecycle Management, Application Services, Tieto

Experiences from the SAP Experience Centre. More

The framework for immersive experience design

September 28, 2018. | Ksenia Avetisova, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto | Elena Malakhatka, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Elena Malakhatka

PHD researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sami Sivonen

Lead Business Developer, Tieto

Robots helping customers and staff will be commonplace in stores in the near future. Machine vision making sure that wastage is kept to minimum and customers have all the products they want will also soon be run of the mill. More

Juhani Sysimetsä

Lead Business Consultant, SAP, Tieto

SAP is investing strongly into cloud based solutions. Now it is bringing companies the possibility to have a full-blooded ERP as a public cloud service. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is SAP’s largest step towards the cloud so far. More

Edgars Bremze

Strategic Product Manager, Tieto

When it comes to PSD2 and Open Banking, the European Union is like a test lab for the rest of the world. Other countries are closely following how the directive is going to work and what challenges the financial market will face. The experiences in the EU will be a benchmark for everyone else. More

Steve Warner

Head of Sales, Western Europe, Tieto Retail Payment Solutions

This ambitious claim from the show's organisers certainly had me thinking beforehand that we were starting to see a shift in the focus of our industry from one that was prepared to just talk about a 'collaborative' approach to a mindset that had really embraced the new innovators. More

Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

Five decades in building the Nordic society and the global IT industry has formed an extraordinary base for our ambition to create increasing value for all our stakeholders – including our employees, customers, partners and investors. More

Louise Karlander

Head of Innovation, Intrum

The first ever Intrumhack was held in April and was a great success; here is a recap of the two intensive days and how it helped us to understand that any industry can be disrupted. More

Financial wellbeing innovation - data, creativity and curiosity

April 5, 2018. | Ksenia Avetisova, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto | Alan Cabello, SparkLabs Switzerland

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Alan Cabello

Founder & Partner, SparkLabs Switzerland

Intrumhack - open innovation as approach to solve the financial wellbeing challenge More

Jouko Juuti

SAP architect, Tieto

SAP Leonardo, business driven application development, and an integrated service architecture create marvellous opportunities for advancing digital services. More

Sami Suro

Director, Business Solutions, Tieto

Today, the ability to stay competitive relies heavily on development quality and delivery speed. You need to launch new functionalities to serve businesses better, offer customers new digital services, all the while complying with market and legislative requirements. More

How agile are your projects?

March 22, 2018. | Janne Sjögren, Tieto

Janne Sjögren

Lead Solution Consultant, Tieto

Have you tried implementing Agile methodology in your company, yet kept on running projects in the same manner as always? Are you ready to step away from the status quo? Have you ever heard of Agile development? Tieto Fiori Factory is the road to Agile UI design. More

Anne Räsänen

VP, Head of Public, Healthcare and Welfare, Finland, Tieto

Data has often been termed the new oil, but unlike its fossil counterpart, the amount of data that is generated today is virtually inexhaustible. The opportunity that lies therein, to shape a smarter, more advanced society is unprecedented in human history. More

Cristina Petrescu

Executive Vice President, Public, Healthcare & Welfare, Tieto

American social scientist Scott E. Page, in his book ´The Difference´, argues that in society, corporations or even projects, diversity yields superior outcomes. Using cutting-edge research and practical examples, he has proven that difference is more important than homogeneity in developing new products and innovations. More

Wiser before the event

March 6, 2018. | Edgars Bremze, Tieto

Edgars Bremze

Strategic Product Manager, Tieto

Hollywood has a way of making everything seem like an overnight success. The reality of business away from Tinseltown is very different, though. It can take months — sometimes years — of hard work, persistence, dedication and the right support to become an overnight success. I have just returned from a three-day workshop with a client who would like to modernize their national retail payment infrastructure. The idea of steady preparation is certainly relevant to this undertaking. There’s no denying that this is a massive project. But the right technology partner can help cut project time, cost and complexity. In short, help you to be wiser before the event. More

Sami Uski

Head of Business Development, Banking, Tieto

We are entering a new age of digitalization where almost every aspect of our lives is set to be aided and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This, in turn, will have a domino effect, helping in the shaping of a smarter society where the consumer will be able to make more informed choices. More

Louise Karlander

Head of Innovation, Intrum

Consumption patterns change over time and, in the digital era, these changes are materializing more rapidly than ever. We are transitioning quickly into a cash-free society and appear to also be moving towards a society in which physical stores play smaller role in the way we consume goods. More

Matti Ristimäki

Director, Data-Driven Business, Tieto

Everyone already knows that in the future, technology will make life easier, helping us work better and complete our chores quicker. While that is all true, the area that we foresee changing the most is the healthcare sector. The smarter society that we are heading towards will see people receiving personalized healthcare aimed at preventing problems rather than just treating them. More

Fredrik Ring

Head of business and IT transformation, Tieto

As individuals, we humans tend to be smart, but collectively we can sometimes seem stupid. Artificial intelligence can be harnessed to increase our shared conscience. As a society, we at times go for the wrong things: polluting the earth, suppressing certain demographics, or working in the interest of the few instead of the many. From education to environment and immigration, there are a lot of things we don’t get right. More

Johan Höglund

Vice President, Head of Healthcare, Welfare and Education, Tieto

In a smarter society, the healthcare and welfare sectors will be characterized by its efficiency, its new ways of working, and by an empowered citizenry who will have control over how they engage with and receive digital services. And that smarter society is not very far away. More

Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses, Tieto

Driverless cars, intelligent speakers, and ever evolving virtual assistants…many would argue that the smart society is already upon us. While 2017 may very well have been the year that people came face-to-face with applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), at Tieto, we say that you have seen nothing yet. More

Rory Moore

Head of Industrial Services, Tieto

We stand at the precipice of a new revolution in the manufacturing sector. Digitalization will transform the way goods and services are manufactured in a smarter society, in a manner quite unlike anything we have seen before. More

Maria Kumle

Head of New Solutions, Tieto, PHCW

We are at the threshold of a smarter society. The digital disruption that is happening around us creates new possibilities and new challenges that will help us question and revisit old models and truths. More

Christian Guttmann

Global Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (VP), Chief Artificial Intelligence and Data Scientist, Tieto

Imagine if a person from the 1980s were to be transported to the year 2018. Everything around would seem positively magical. Yes, they would have known about the concept of a cellular phone, but could not have possibly imagined the sheer variety of uses that our smart phones are now capable of, or the ease with which we access the internet and go online. The speed at which technology has evolved would leave them astounded. More

Valdis Janovs

Head of Retail Payments and Cards, Tieto

Edgars Bremze

Strategic Product Manager, Tieto

Closing of last year saw the launch of new instant payment schemes in the US and Eurozone. The main commercial banks in the US are behind RTP®, and nearly 600 payment institutions from eight European countries are participating in SCT Inst (SEPA Instant Credit Transfer). More

Sami Uski

Head of Business Development, Banking, Tieto

Working and developing in different ecosystems has taught us some important lessons. Together, we can move forward and make financial services better and more customer-centric than they have ever been. More

My highlights from Slush 2017

December 12, 2017. | Jaakko Vilén, Tieto

Jaakko Vilén

Sales Director, Fintech Customer Experience, Tieto

Slush 2017 was the first Slush I got to experience in person. Naturally, I had followed the hype and listened to top pitches online during previous years. Slush began as a networking event for startups and venture capitalists but has grown into a phenomenon where thousands of people come to see and explore new innovations. Corporations have also become part of the picture, as sponsors and exhibitors at the event. And of course, as possible buyers. More

Terhi Rautiainen

Lead Data Scientist, Industrial and Consumer Services, Tieto

Do you want to know what factors keep your customers satisfied, or why your customer is dissatisfied? In this blog, I’ll open the core of customer churn analytics, and the benefits it offers to companies. It’s a question of the ability to predict and analyse things that weaken the customer relationship, or vice versa, which factors behind increased satisfaction come up in long-lasting customer relationships. More

When slush is turning into snow

December 5, 2017. | Ari Järvelä, Tieto

Ari Järvelä

Head of Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

I felt exhausted but happy while driving home from Slush 2017 last Friday. Tieto has been one of the main partners of the event for a few years now, and the investment has definitely paid off, in terms of both, awareness and business. More

Make Meaning - Not Money

December 4, 2017. | Charlotta Wark, Tieto

Charlotta Wark

Head of Financial Digital Channels, Tieto

There's a lot going on right now. And it's all happening with the speed of lightning! Looking at the Financial sector, it's easy to start to panic trying to just keep up with all the ongoing external pressures, such as the new technology trends, the regulatory constraints, the "new customer" whom is no longer loyal to a brand, but is looking for functionality and added value. I'm sometimes asked to advice on what to prioritize and how to set up the organization to become highly innovative. How to seize these new business opportunities and potential new revenue streams. More

Carsten Henke

Managing Director Tieto Germany & Head of Production Excellence, Tieto

Design thinking, a new culture for problem-solving, is an exciting new concept that can benefit even a conservative industry such as paper and board. More

The future of real-time payments in the Nordics

November 22, 2017. | Christian Segersven, Tieto Financial Services

Christian Segersven

Executive Vice President, Tieto Financial Services

It is a very exciting time for real-time payments in the Nordics. Services like Swish and Siirto began with person-to-person payments and are now growing extremely fast within e-commerce. And the future will see more customer-oriented services that makes users’ lives easier. More

Juha Jumppanen

Senior Vice President, Member Services, Metsä

Approximately 700,000 Finns own forests, and the value of those privately owned forests is around 40 billion euros. Today, almost 30% of all timber transactions are digital, and 50% of under 50-year-old forest ownersalready use digital services. More

Raghunath Koduvayur

Head of Marketing, Technology Services and Modernisation and Strategic Marketing., Tieto

Europe´s leading startup event, Slush 2017 has sent out a call for solvers and we are proud to partner with them as a main sponsor again this year. Together, we will be seeking solutions to the challenges that we face as a society and the ones that our partners face in business. More

Miikka Korja

Chief Innovation Officer, Associate Professor, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)

The sexy media hype around healthcare big data analytics has not started to fade away, yet very few - if any - healthcare organizations have succeeded in living up to the hype. More

Enhanced reality is more real than it might seem

October 26, 2017. | Ksenia Avetisova, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Augmented World Expo EU is the largest industry event in Augmented & Virtual technology. It brought dedicated enthusiasts, startups and research institutions together with corporations and large companies taking the AR & VR solutions into use in various industries. The conference provided us with valuable insights to fuel our journey with the Tieto Enhanced Reality Lab to explore the opportunities in the area together with our partners, customers and users. More

Riina Virtanen

Marketing Manager, Tieto

What happens if you put 5000 participants from startups together with like minded corporations and investors in the same room? Magic! But, how easy is it to do magic in the context of business environment? Innovation is not a trick. It’s not based on good luck. It needs hard work and self-discipline. It needs to create value to have business potential. That was one of the topics at STHLM Tech Fest - to build bridges between corporations and the startup community to enable faster innovation and accelerate business growth. More

Patrik Etelävuori

Head of Concepts and Innovations - Facilities, Tieto

Our holistic design approach to create the Tieto 2.0 Work Environment, including Technology, Space, Experience & Sustainability has now been achieved within all areas of our current scope. The rewards and achievements naturally goes to show that it is not just us talking, but our efforts and bold approach is being noticed. More

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

What does innovation mean to you? I see it as essential component of future success in business. Transformation of all industries is inevitable, and constantly ongoing, so enterprises are looking at how they can take advantage of this fact and come up with new ways of addressing their customers' needs. More

Patrik Etelävuori

Head of Concepts and Innovations - Facilities, Tieto

“The planetary-scale computer fed by a trillion sensors will drive a global industrial internet”, Larry Smarr, Professor, University of California, San Diego. This is both overwhelming and exiting at the same time. More

Matti Vakkuri

Head of technology, Industrial Internet, Tieto

Autonomous vehicles are a global phenomenon, and the field has taken huge leaps forward in the past 15 years. If a decade ago someone told me that we’d have cars with true self-driving capabilities in 2015, it would have been very hard for me to believe. More

Patrik Etelävuori

Head of Concepts and Innovations - Facilities, Tieto

I've discussed before how today's office spaces need to evolve in order to meet the demands of the new, digital way of working. And here at Tieto, we feel it's important to be at the forefront of this. That's why we've recently overhauled our campus at Keilalahti to be more intelligent, more empathic and more in line with the way people work today. More

Michiel Terlouw

Lead Service Designer, Tieto

The theme of Finland’s centenary celebration year is ‘Together’. As part of Tieto’s contribution to the Finland 100 celebrations, our international design community organized a two-days Design Jam with a strong focus on Inclusive Design. More

Riina Virtanen

Marketing Manager, Tieto

Corporations are in a need to find new ways to speed up their clock-speed and take input from the startup world for innovation. Both sides have their own strengths. When corporations have resources, existent customer base, processes and industry knowledge, have startups fresh ideas, agility, will-power and growth-minded attitude. More

Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

For Tieto, 2016 was a year of renewing our strategy and further increasing investments into innovation and growth. More

Joni Lehtonen

, Kone

Year 2016 has been incredible! Lot of big surprises but on contrary some very predictable events as well. More

Raghunath Koduvayur

Head of Marketing, Technology Services and Modernisation and Strategic Marketing., Tieto

By participating in Slush, Tieto aims to boost innovation and growth by expanding its ecosystem of partners and embracing the lively start-up atmosphere. More


Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

Historically, every revolution has advanced human civilization. Innovation, new technologies and new value creation potential have increased the quality of life, increased life expectancy and advanced societal wellbeing. The current transformation triggered by digitalization feels – quite rightfully so – almost revolutionary. This does not, however, necessarily mean a huge difference from earlier periods of transformation that businesses and the society likewise have had to come to terms with. More

Get ready to be Slushed

November 28, 2016. | Kirsi Hellsten, Tieto

Kirsi Hellsten

Head of Talent Acquisition, Tieto

We're superexcited about our upcoming participation in Slush 2016. Winter is coming - and what better way to stay nice and warm than by taking part in all the awesome collaboration and co-innovation that happens at Slush. We've been planning every detail of our appearance and our program for months now...and it's almost time to spring into action! Two whole days crammed full of interesting, inspirational, engaging topics and trends to enthuse over. More

Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses, Tieto

Although people will not be needed to do administrative supervisory work (management) in the era of robotics, people will still be called upon to provide leadership. Only people can specify and decide which types of leadership are required in each situation. More

Ari Järvelä

Head of Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Yesterday, 400 Finnish customers of ours gathered in the Finlandia Hall for the Tiedon Valo seminar to discuss views on how to make Finland grow together. More

We is the new I

November 15, 2016. | Katariina Kravi, Tieto

Katariina Kravi

Executive Vice President of HR, Tieto

I have worked in Human Resources for some twenty years now. This year I have had an exceptional and hugely inspiring agenda as, on top of the day-to-day HR practices, I have been driving forward two super exciting projects: Tieto’s new head office in Keilalahti, Espoo, Finland and the digitalization of our HR processes with Workday’s cloud-based HR solution. What makes these projects so exciting in my mind is that they are enabling us to take the employee experience at Tieto to the next level. More

Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses, Tieto

Advanced technology – robotics and artificial intelligence – is enabling multi-levelled expert organizations to transform into organizations containing only frontline employees, experts and senior managers. This leads to flatter organizations as middle managers are no longer needed. In the future, most present organizational and management models may be thrown on the scrapheap as a result of robotics. More

Driving data innovation at Elo Data Science Hack hackathon

November 11, 2016. | Niko Reunanen, VTT Technical Research | Arttu Lämsä, VTT Technical Research

Niko Reunanen

Research Scientist, VTT Technical Research

Arttu Lämsä

Research Scientist, VTT Technical Research

Last month, we attended a hackathon organized by Elo Pension Company and Tieto - one which we were fortunate enough to get one of the additional prizes. We were chosen by Tieto Data-Driven Business unit as a team using data in the most valuable way. It was a fantastic experience and one that showcased just how exciting the possibilities for data in business are. More

Joakim Blom

Head of Corporate Development and Strategy, Tieto

Jan Ameri

Chief Innovation Officer, ArcticStartup

Jan Ameri

Chief Innovation Officer, ArcticStartup

Around 15 years ago, talk began of actively open innovation, and today more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies work actively together with start-ups in one way or another. Systematic co-operation through various kinds of programs has been more prominent during the last five years. More

Ari Järvelä

Head of Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Last night, we had a pleasure to kick off the Tieto Data Incubator with pitching competition with an amazing group of people from the international startup scene. The pitches were very well prepared, atmosphere cozy and bubbly, and I hope the whole audience felt energized after the evening. At least I did! More

Anna Koskinen

Development manager, Elo Pension Company

According to biohacker Teemu Arina we are all robots. We are programmable slaves of habit whose behaviour is based on the information encoded in us. More

Kasper Suomalainen

Director of Community, Startup Sauna

We made a Q&A with Kasper Suomalainen, Head of Community at Startup Sauna, to respond some of the most often heard questions on accelerator programs, pitching and startup scene. More


Raghunath Koduvayur

Head of Marketing, Technology Services and Modernisation and Strategic Marketing., Tieto

Of course we don’t expect you to visit Tieto stand just because it’s the best place for tech enthusiasts to meet the experts in the industry. Here we are giving you more reasons than one (precisely Five Big Reasons) for you to visit our Tieto booth, and also hang around with us throughout Slush 2016. After all, it’s held in our home – Finland – and it’s also Europe’s leading startup event. More

Turkka Keskinen


Innovations, efficiency and sustainability guide our business. We want to help our customers to succeed with products and solutions that create a sustainable future. That's why fostering innovation and finding new ways of using data are so important to us, and why digitalization is becoming such a key part of what we do. That’s why we want to support Biofore by Digiforce! More

The Secret to a Successful Digital Health Service

October 13, 2016. | Elina Reponen, Kenno Ethnographic Consulting

Elina Reponen

Innovation Manager, Kenno Ethnographic Consulting

We asked entrepreneurs how they take care of their well-being. We were expecting them to reply something related to physical wellness but, what came to their mind were means of coping with stress, work-life balance, and essentially mental wellness. Yet, majority of digital health services provided at the moment concentrate on physical wellness. More

Jani Hyppönen

Head of Marketing, Industrial and Consumer Services & Data-Driven Business, Tieto

More and more brand value is co-created in an ecosystem, as agile, innovative ways of working become the norm in established companies. More

Tieto x Slush

August 23, 2016. | Kimmo Alkio, Tieto

Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

Tieto has a tremendous opportunity to shape the future we live in – we thrive every day to capture the opportunities of the data-driven world and truly create value for society, business and people. More

Linnéa Källgård

UX strategist and designer, Tieto

Together with the tenants in HSB Living Lab, we are investigating opportunities and solutions for the homes of tomorrow. Everyone who is taking part in the project is very enthusiastic and that probably makes us more open to new ways of doing things than the average person. That’s why it’s interesting to see the results in the study carried out by SIFO, where we asked the Swedish people what they want from the future living. The way forward goes through practical and intelligent digital solutions. More


Christian Segersven

Executive Vice President, Tieto Financial Services

There is a big dilemma in the Nordic insurance sector. The Nordic marketplace has been overrun with innovation over the past few decades. As new products, services and business models have revolutionized most sectors, the Nordic insurance industry has mostly been trapped in stasis. More

Tomi Teikko

Founder, Advisor and Evangelist, Tieto

When it comes to how we work, things are changing. The old routine of the nine-to-five office day is on the way out as more employees demand the ability to choose when, where and how they do things. More

Lipstick on a pig or real insurance disruption?

June 21, 2016. | Mikko Helin, Tieto Financial Services

Mikko Helin

Director of Business Development, Tieto Financial Services

I recently attended a superb event called Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) in Barcelona. The event featured many forward-looking insurance companies, technologies and solutions. But do these new innovations translate to real insurance business disruption or is this merely "putting lipstick on a pig?" More

The Gravitational Slingshot of Innovation

June 17, 2016. | Lauri Pulkka, Aalto University | Ksenia Avetisova, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Lauri Pulkka

Doctoral Candidate in Real Estate Business, Aalto University

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Innovation is more than invention: it is the process of applying an idea or invention into practice. The nature of this process is changing. Firms are increasingly specialised and inter-dependent. Innovation is becoming more inter-organisational and non-linear.  More

Technology and the possibilities it creates are changing the world at an unprecedented pace and in ways that were unimaginable just a couple decades ago. At the same, we as people have pretty much the same basic needs as Neanderthals, with all the same joy and fear that comes along with those needs. What will happen to us cavemen in an increasingly digitalized world? More

Fanny Vakkila

Business Consultant, Tieto

Design is an exciting journey where you cannot know the end result from the start. In the beginning you may have a direction, but often this will change based on the findings as you go along. It requires patience, adaptability, empathy towards the user and an open mind. At its best, it brings insights for innovation. More

Claes Sonde

Business Consultant, Tieto

I’m sure you have heard this more times than you can cope with by now. Customer satisfaction among Communication Service Providers (CSPs) is too low and they fail to build a strong and lasting relationship with their customers.  More

Kia Haring

Head of Global Communications, Tieto

I have recently been highlighting the importance of ecosystems and communication in accelerating change. In this blog post, I share some key highlights and explain the importance of ecosystems for Tieto and the broader business world. More

I was participating an Industrial Advisory Board meeting of CVDI (Center for Visual & Decision Informatics) which is a NSF (National Science Foundation) partially funded research consortium. More


Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

Digitalization has turned software and services sector as key enabler for business renewal. Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities laying ahead and announced its new strategy for 2016 - 2020 late March.  More

So you've run a hackathon. What next?

April 25, 2016. | Simon Panelius, Fazer Food Services Oy

Simon Panelius

Vice President, Operational Development, Fazer Food Services Oy

Back in February, Fazer Food Services joined forces with Tieto to run its first-ever hackathon. Now, just two months down the line, we're piloting one of the solutions in our restaurants. Here's a look back at our journey. More

Joni Lehtonen

, Kone

“Why don’t we just focus on our core business and forget all the hackathons, experiments and sprints?” This could be a common managerial question in any established company. But is the internal startup culture hype or a necessity? More


Baiba Niparte

Offering Manager, Cards, Tieto

At the end of 2015, I received a letter from Mauritius. One of the stamps commemorated the 25th’ anniversary of the introduction of mobile phones to this tiny island nation. In less than a lifetime technologies have advanced to a totally different level. More

Innovation is all about action! Takeaways from Innoday

March 23, 2016. | Ksenia Avetisova, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto | Erik Nyré, Tieto

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Erik Nyré

Head of CEM Consulting, Tieto

For companies who want to prosper in the new digital business landscape, we at Tieto see several trends that need to be embraced, and several of them were also addressed by the speakers at this event. More

Pasi Iljin

Head of Technology and Foresight, Tieto

Yesterday I had a chat with video rental customer service because my rental movie suddenly stopped downloading. Mark from support very politely helped me. About 10 minutes later, my problem was solved, and I was able to watch the movie. ”Excellent service” commented my wife as the movie night finally started. More


In a hackathon, developers and designers from different backgrounds get together to rapidly prototype their most innovative ideas. What if organisations were to do the same on a daily basis? More

Innovation is essential for business success. It is said that all innovations can be categorized into three groups or ‘horizons’ based on what you are aiming to solve, and on what timeframe: More


Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses, Tieto

Can big corporations create disruptive innovations or is this possible for startups exclusively? Startup veteran and leader of our Internal Industrial internet startup Taneli Tikka crushes the myth and explains the three most important factors that enable disruptive innovations in big companies. More

Satu Kiiskinen

Head of Consulting and System Integration unit, Tieto

Digitalization is creating a new world, where all companies need to adapt to the increasing expectations of individuals. More

In the face of the mindboggling changes that exponential technology bring there is a mixture of frustration fear and excitement in large companies and institutions. In parallel to the comfortable, traditional structures completely new structures fuelled by crowd funding, lean start up methodology and a vision to make a dent in the world are challenging the status quo. More

The Bubble Session was inspiring, pondering about what we discussed, I am faced with an important question: can current innovation models transform to become more inclusive so to efficiently target the gigantic challenges the world faces towards 2030? More

Fail fast, learn rapidly

March 27, 2015. | Taneli Tikka, Tieto

Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses, Tieto

Right now one of the biggest waves of innovation is in digitalisation of our world. All things going digital. And not just things; entire ecosystems, our way of thinking, our point of view and how we approach the whole topic in general. More

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