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Jouko Juuti

SAP architect, Tieto

SAP Leonardo, business driven application development, and an integrated service architecture create marvellous opportunities for advancing digital services. More

Sami Suro

Director, Business Solutions, Tieto

Today, the ability to stay competitive relies heavily on development quality and delivery speed. You need to launch new functionalities to serve businesses better, offer customers new digital services, all the while complying with market and legislative requirements. More

How agile are your projects?

March 22, 2018. | Janne Sjögren, Tieto

Janne Sjögren

Lead Solution Consultant, Tieto

Have you tried implementing Agile methodology in your company, yet kept on running projects in the same manner as always? Are you ready to step away from the status quo? Have you ever heard of Agile development? Tieto Fiori Factory is the road to Agile UI design. More

Tom Leskinen

Head of Product Development Services, Tieto

Fourth and fifth generation (4G/5G) networks are becoming progressively more widespread and their industry adaption is intensifying. This means finding methods of supporting their seamless and simultaneous operation with second and third generation (2G/3G) networks becomes vital. More

Tapani Tirkkonen

Lead Solution Consultant, Tieto

The DevOps way of working has already proven to be highly effective, yet many companies are still in the beginning stages of their implementations. I share useful tips on how to avoid the bumps and hurdles along the way. More

Mika Tuohimetsä

Vice President, Tieto

DevOps (Development & Operations) is the best way to answer the challenges many organizations are facing today and to create more value for customers. More

Tuija Tamghart

Manager, Quality Assurance and Testing Services, Tieto

Most development teams are measured by the amount of functionalities they produce, not on how secure their code is. But you get what you measure. Is this something that should change? What should a software buyer demand from testing? More

Tuija Tamghart

Manager, Quality Assurance and Testing Services, Tieto

The pace of application releases is quicker than ever, and it keeps accelerating. At the same time, the majority of breaches happen through vulnerabilities in applications. Are we failing in something essential in our security efforts? More

Tuija Tamghart

Manager, Quality Assurance and Testing Services, Tieto

When developing web services or software, it is customary to use real production data in testing. But after GDPR, is it still OK to perform testing with personal data such as medical records or job histories? More

Kirsi Linke

Lead Enterprise Architect, Tieto

Software robotics is revolutionising the workplace and changing the world! The headlines can either see the potential of software robotics as a saviour bringing effectiveness, or as a threat making the human workforce obsolete. But what exactly are these robots that will transform our work life? More


Raivis Joksts

Senior Offering manager, Tieto

If you have been following the mobile payments development, you probably noticed the increasing number of different wallet solutions from both individual banks as well as big-name companies like Apple, Samsung and Google. Some seem to be doing good while others have not left the pilot stage, some are making money while business reasoning for others may not be immediately clear. Many issuers are currently thinking about entering the fray, while others are still looking from the sidelines to see which products and strategies will prove to be best. More


Andreas Jakl

Mobility Evangelist, Tieto

Beacons are currently one of the hottest topics in the mobile app industry. They promise new application scenarios, targeted marketing & advertisements and more accurate indoor localization. Could they be useful for your idea as well? More


Patrik Kågström

Software Designer, Tieto

Have you been thinking about creating your very own Android applications? Here is an introduction to get you started. What tools to use when developing apps and where to look for help and inspiration. More


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