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Emmanuel Maillard

Head of Sales, Automotive, Tieto

Google has entered the automotive operating systems market. This will have an impact on automotive vendors’ product development strategies. Many will need to rethink how to differentiate and reconsider the value of data and services. More

Bridging the network generation gap

February 22, 2019. | Jörgen Trank, Product Development Services, Tieto Corporation

Jörgen Trank

Lead Product Manager, Product Development Services, Tieto Corporation

Companies across industries have started to deploy 5G networks. Mobile operators need to step up their game to meet needs that arise hand in hand with this transformation. The first course of action required is strengthening capabilities that support the seamless and simultaneous operations in 2G/3G/4G networks. More


Arto Makkonen

Sales Director, Tieto

In Scandinavia, it has been a spectacular winter for skiing, skating, ice hockey – in fact, any winter sports or outdoor activities. However, if you are tasked with developing robust artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, car sensors or other measurements for autonomous cars, circumstances have been extremely challenging. More


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