June 24, 2015

Open source culture gives rise to continuous learning

Marja Seppä

SAP Project Manager Trainee, Tieto,

I started my career here at Tieto’s SAP Service Area in the beginning of this year. Even though it has only been just a few, yet intensive and fun months, I have had the privilege of getting acquainted with many fascinating people from several strategically important locations around the world. 

Some have been here at Tieto for the length of their whole career, some even less than me, but they all have indeed contributed to my understanding of what the concept of open source culture stands for here at Tieto.

From day one, there has been a lot to learn: what does it mean to do our daily work the Tieto way and how does the open source culture impact our behavior. In my opinion, both of these reflect the trust that is expected to exist between the people working in our company. You do not have to know everything yourself, but you have to be able to ask from the people who know. Showing initiative and speaking up when you either do or do not have the answer is just as important as giving your time to the person asking for it. Just as important as understanding the needs of your co-workers is understanding the needs of the actual client. The importance of trust in interactions among the people at Tieto contributes to the process of continuous learning within our open source culture.

It can be said that open source culture even highlights the importance of continuous learning. My experience in Tieto’s SAP unit so far has also shown me that being able to accept uncertainty is an important asset for all of us. By no means do I mean this in a negative way; completely on the contrary! Accepting uncertainty should not be associated with accepting risk, but instead with understanding the value that adopting continuous learning as a part of our daily operations brings us. The software we use evolves according to the needs of the challenging IT world, and so must we. Developing our skillset to match the evolvement of technology can be achieved through absorbing relevant information from all available sources and then combining our individual strengths into one holistic offering, for example when delivering on a project. As a concrete example I can honestly say that I have learned more from the people around me, since I started as a Project Manager in my first project, than I ever could have by only studying project management from books. The people here at Tieto have proved that continuous learning is in fact a prerequisite in this business and supporting our peers at all times brings us step by step to where we want to be as a company.

Even if we do not have the advantage of always knowing all of what will happen in the future, as a company we are surely stronger if we stand behind our open source culture and embrace continuous learning as a way of personal development. Being able to adapt our individual dynamic capabilities, both technical and soft skills, in accordance with the constantly evolving IT world around us, enables Tieto to face whatever the future has in store for us. Accepting uncertainty and understanding how value is created through continuous learning is something that all of us need to be able to do to keep up with the competition. 

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