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Maija Tenhunen

Senior Manager, Sustainability, Tieto

Recent news headlines have made for grim reading. The ICT sector’s energy consumption is in the rise. Most of internet traffic today is video streaming. Bitcoin uses as much energy as Ireland. Our love for smartphones and gadgets could be endangering the planet. Hang on! Did the digital economy just become the bad guy in the fight against climate change? More

Auli Peltola

Head of SAP Application Lifecycle Management, Application Services, Tieto

Experiences from the SAP Experience Centre. More

Mikko Peltonen

Lead Solution Architect, Security Services, Tieto

Tokenization is gaining more traction as a method to protect sensitive data and to lower cyber security risks. Interest is rising due to GDPR requirements, for instance. What are the benefits of tokenization, and how does it compare to encryption? More

Tuukka Arola

Lead Big Data Architect, Tieto

The advantages of data lakes when it comes to gathering and analysing large quantities of disparate data should now be clear. As I detailed in my previous blog, this new way of thinking about data promises to revolutionise how businesses approach analytics, discovery and learning, offering them a more in-depth, programmable solution for digging deeper into the digital assets they possess. More

Yulia Filipovich

Senior Compliance Manager, Tieto Compliance Cloud, Tieto

In my previous blog post I talked about the Cloud Act, created as a result of the Microsoft Ireland case. This law has a direct impact on the personal data of millions of Europeans – and the financial institutions storing this critical data. More

Janne Hukkanen

Business Architect, Financial Services, Tieto

Will PSD2, a regulatory-driven movement to expose banking APIs, result in something that will make a difference by opening up the competition and European-wide reach of banking services? It is commonly known that PSD2 is not a technical standard, actually quite far from it. Third Party Providers (TPPs) are the ones that should be benefiting from this change, so let's take a look at how this looks from their perspective. More

The framework for immersive experience design

September 28, 2018. | Ksenia Avetisova, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto | Elena Malakhatka, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Elena Malakhatka

PHD researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Are you ready to share your car data?

September 25, 2018. | Ari Aalto, Tieto

Ari Aalto

VP, Automotive, Product Development Services, Tieto

Digital cars collect an incredible amount of data as they connect and interact with the environment. Many parties are eager to access and use your car data. Would you let them? More

Markus Melin

Head of Tieto Security Services, Tieto

“After very careful consideration, sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks." More

Jasmiina Galenius

WFM & HCM Solution Consultant, Tieto

Transforming Human Capital Management (HCM) systems to the cloud has dominated the HR applications market for the past years, but now companies are looking into Workforce Management (WFM) solutions. Cloud HCM technology on its own does not cover all specific WFM related requirements and companies face the fact that additional solutions are needed in addition to HCM system. More

Sami Sivonen

Lead Business Developer, Tieto

Robots helping customers and staff will be commonplace in stores in the near future. Machine vision making sure that wastage is kept to minimum and customers have all the products they want will also soon be run of the mill. More

PCI and the return of Javascript supply chain attacks

September 13, 2018. | Timo Ahomäki, Tieto Security Services

Timo Ahomäki

Head of Portfolio Development, Tieto Security Services

In February this year, I wrote about the perils of Javascript supply chain, and how compromised external libraries were used to plant crypto currency miners to browsers of visitors of a large number of UK government websites. I also wrote about some techniques to prevent this from happening to your visitors. More

Markus Melin

Head of Tieto Security Services, Tieto

All around the Internet, botnet-powered DDoS attacks are underway constantly, and they are more destructive than ever before. Why should the C-level in organizations care about this? Because anyone can become a target, and the price tag of an attack may be heavy. More

Yulia Filipovich

Senior Compliance Manager, Tieto Compliance Cloud, Tieto

While we were preparing for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the US Government implemented a new law – the Cloud Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data), which came into effect March 23, 2018, and has implications for companies handling sensitive data in Europe. More

Juhani Sysimetsä

Lead Business Consultant, SAP, Tieto

SAP is investing strongly into cloud based solutions. Now it is bringing companies the possibility to have a full-blooded ERP as a public cloud service. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is SAP’s largest step towards the cloud so far. More

Peter Österdahl

Business Developer, Tieto Security Services

Election day is almost here in Sweden. Perhaps you have felt angry about particular stories or articles in your social network about the election (or the past election if you are not living in Sweden)? Maybe even shared news and written some comments about it as well. Did you fact check or just share? More

PSD2: Game changer or not?

September 3, 2018. | Kaarle Honkamaa, Tieto

Kaarle Honkamaa

Head of Offering Development, Open Banking, Tieto

Sweden is already a leader in digital payments. Account aggregators, such as Tink, have 500k users. In Finland, Siirto enables you to make payments on accounts you have in other banks than your wallet provider. Some might say that PSD2 as such will not be a huge game changer. But in fact, the impact of PSD2 goes way beyond the mandated APIs towards open banking. More

Sameer Datye

Head of Business Development Insurance and Wealth management, Tieto

When I was younger, money was real- it was coins and notes. It was tangible. Transactions were tangible and comprehensible. With money turning plastic and even virtual, children today find the concept of money a bit vague. It is not strange to hear the child say- if you don’t have money, just get it form the ATM or pay with the credit card. I am sure “just touch the phone” is not so far way either. More

Charlotte Levert

Head of HR, Tieto Sweden

At Tieto, equality is not something we plaster on top of our ordinary organisation. Instead it is a core value, a guiding principle and – most important of all – a competitive advantage and a way to service our customers better. More

Cagla Salmensuu

Consultant, Tieto

Did you know that the European Union has introduced the first cyber security law in Europe, the NIS directive? For many organizations, its practical implementation and compliance requirements are unclear yet. In the Nordics, the situation is further complicated by the fact that countries are free to choose how they implement the directive as local law. More

Sameer Datye

Head of Business Development Insurance and Wealth management, Tieto

The days of the “wise-old-wealth-manager(advisor)” whose advise was the only window into wealth planning from the smallest insurance policies to the major decisions around investments related to pensions, equities and even real-estate - are pass. Such a role and all its adjectives are fast becoming obsolete and irrelevant. More

Markku Luoma-aho

Director, Tieto Financial Services strategic sales and solutions, Tieto Financial Services

The prime reason a Nordic financial services company chooses an ICT partner is to increase profit. Higher net income can come from a variety of sources: new sales channels, increased turnover, better customer retention, lower expenses, increased efficiency, innovations, or a combination of the above. Tieto aligns our goals with yours, and to prove it we can set our pricing to match your measurable goals. To put it simply, we can be paid for different levels of results, which is exactly how it should be. More

Markku Luoma-aho

Director, Tieto Financial Services strategic sales and solutions, Tieto Financial Services

Once upon a time the question of onsite v. offshore was about costs. Expenses are still important – they are always important – but today a clever ICT sourcing strategy is about much more. It provides speed, flexibility, resource efficiency, renewing expertise and scalability when needed. What I’m talking about is smart sourcing. “Smart” might be a buzzword, but here it is apt because it describes a cleverer way of utilising ICT resources. More

Markku Luoma-aho

Director, Tieto Financial Services strategic sales and solutions, Tieto Financial Services

Financial service companies can benefit from agile development methodology if it is used properly. First things first: agile development is not the silver bullet which can stop every werewolf stalking your business. It works in the right situations, and, if properly managed and implemented, it can work very well. More

How to grow and differentiate in a commodity market

July 20, 2018. | Markku Luoma-aho, Tieto Financial Services

Markku Luoma-aho

Director, Tieto Financial Services strategic sales and solutions, Tieto Financial Services

With many Nordic pension products dictated by regulation, how can you stand out from the crowd? You are at the grocery store shopping for oranges. There are several varieties side-by-side which all look the same. Then you see a display of Sicilian blood oranges cultivated under the warm Mediterranean sun. They look different and taste better, something you can’t get from generic oranges. This is an example of differentiation in a commodity market. More

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