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Hanne Haapoja

Head of Digital Marketing Solutions, Tieto Corporation

Data has become one of the most powerful tools for marketers. In order to get an insight from our customers we carried out a survey looking at how well-developed the Nordic companies are in their CEM activities. We looked at how these companies are currently positioning themselves and studied their future plans in this area. More

Tuukka Arola

Lead SW Architect, Tieto

Talk to many IT pros today and one term you're likely to hear quickly is data lakes. In an environment where the amount of information available to businesses has grown hugely in recent years, organisations need efficient ways of managing and analysing this information - and the answer is increasingly recognised as being data lakes. More

Markus Melin

Head of Tieto Security Services, Tieto

Cloud is easy, cloud is good. That’s why companies are extensively utilizing the opportunities it provides. Want to set up an ad-hoc testing environment for a small project? It might have taken several days and a lot of red tape to do this in a closed corporate network, but in the cloud, it’s a matter of minutes. More

Marie-Louise Forsberg

Sales Manager, Tieto

New competitors, changing consumer needs and increasing demands on service and availability add pressure on retailers. Can cloud solutions be a key enabler for improved competitiveness? And do most companies really know where they stand in this journey? Do you? More

When OT meets IT – How to secure factories from hackers

September 12, 2017. | Timo Ahomäki, Tieto Security Services

Timo Ahomäki

Head of Portfolio Development, Tieto Security Services

Manufacturing is among the most targeted industries for cyber attacks. What makes manufacturing industry suddenly such a hotspot of risks? More

Juha Jossas

Senior Product Owner, Tieto

The era of digitalization is making organisations everywhere realise that software is an essential part of the products and services they deliver. Organisations are also reshaping themselves to include elements that used to belong to software business, such as connectivity, data gathering and mobility. Today, this kind of features and working processes familiar within software business, are applied in all organisations. Eventually, software is everywhere. More

Pirjo Virtanen

Marketing Manager, Tieto

What happens if you put 5000 participants from startups together with like minded corporations and investors in the same room? Magic! But, how easy is it to do magic in the context of business environment? Innovation is not a trick. It’s not based on good luck. It needs hard work and self-discipline. It needs to create value to have business potential. That was one of the topics at STHLM Tech Fest - to build bridges between corporations and the startup community to enable faster innovation and accelerate business growth. More

Tuija Kemi

Manager, Quality Assurance and Testing Services, Tieto

The pace of application releases is quicker than ever, and it keeps accelerating. At the same time, the majority of breaches happen through vulnerabilities in applications. Are we failing in something essential in our security efforts? More

Patrik Etelävuori

Head of Concepts and Innovations - Facilities, Tieto

Our holistic design approach to create the Tieto 2.0 Work Environment, including Technology, Space, Experience & Sustainability has now been achieved within all areas of our current scope. The rewards and achievements naturally goes to show that it is not just us talking, but our efforts and bold approach is being noticed. More

Ksenia Avetisova

Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

What does innovation mean to you? I see it as essential component of future success in business. Transformation of all industries is inevitable, and constantly ongoing, so enterprises are looking at how they can take advantage of this fact and come up with new ways of addressing their customers' needs. More

Four best practices to secure your containers

August 22, 2017. | Timo Ahomäki, Tieto Security Services

Timo Ahomäki

Head of Portfolio Development, Tieto Security Services

An attack against an improperly maintained container environment could have serious consequences. What can we do to mitigate the risks and secure our containers? More

Aki Kupiainen

Senior Management Advisor, Technology Services and Modernization, Tieto

The solar eclipse witnessed in 2015 was the first to occur during the era of solar energy. It was closely followed, not only by public enjoying this magnificent nature show, but by the energy markets. Especially in Germany where on sunny days some 40% of the energy is provided by the sun. Although no major problems were reported in Europe, the electricity prices went up and down during the three hours in which the sun was obscured by the moon. More

Check your security in the container revolution

August 15, 2017. | Timo Ahomäki, Tieto Security Services

Timo Ahomäki

Head of Portfolio Development, Tieto Security Services

Container technology has become the foundation for running applications. But what has happened to security? When we containerize our applications, we must be aware of important new security issues. More

Matti Ristimäki

Director of Data-Driven Businesses in Health, Wellbeing and Public, Tieto

How to create a proactive healthcare strategy? More

Tuija Kemi

Manager, Quality Assurance and Testing Services, Tieto

When developing web services or software, it is customary to use real production data in testing. But after GDPR, is it still OK to perform testing with personal data such as medical records or job histories? More

Raghunath Koduvayur

Head of Strategic Marketing, Tieto

Whatever the industry, whatever the purpose of the business, whatever the desired outcomes, business success is the ultimate goal of every business leader. More

Jaakko Vilén

Sales Director, Fintech Customer Experience, Tieto

Sunny Copenhagen right after midsummer – an excellent place to be! It was my first time visiting Money20/20, and I was personally excited to go back to the Financial Services industry after two years of learning about other sectors. The unexpected winner and takeaway from the event: fidget spinners by far! Now let’s go first into the other more serious takeaways… More

Markus Melin

Head of Tieto Security Services, Tieto

Security is in the daily actions we make. And we all know that when it comes to changing habits, warnings and prohibitions just don’t cut it. More

Patrik Etelävuori

Head of Concepts and Innovations - Facilities, Tieto

“The planetary-scale computer fed by a trillion sensors will drive a global industrial internet”, Larry Smarr, Professor, University of California, San Diego. This is both overwhelming and exiting at the same time. More

Cristina Petrescu

Executive Vice President, Public, Healthcare & Welfare, Tieto

Artificial Intelligence is taking great strides forward. Some people associate the concept with only industrial or technological contexts. Yet, it may produce its greatest benefits for the society, especially within the public, health and welfare sectors. More

Vesa Luukkonen

Security Solutions Architect, Tieto

Dark Web, and the Tor network, is normally considered only something criminal. But if we take an objective look, it can offer positive uses as well. One such such use could be more secure IoT networking. More

Erik Johannisson

Head of Strategic Marketing and Marketing for Technology Services and Modernization, Tieto

Cloud as a delivery model has been discussed for a long time now and we have seen a dramatic growth of cloud services in the past years. But do organisations really know where they stand in this journey? And what is the real cloud maturity among large organisations in the Nordics? And what do the top IT decision makers say about their cloud maturity? More

Kimmo Alkio

CEO & President, Tieto

This year Finland celebrates centenary year of Finnish independence. Centennial Finland and the Nordic society as a whole keep on regenerating. The underlying force behind the current change is digitalization: the new technology enables new kind of innovations, and the increasing amount of open data is a starting point for entirely new kind of growth. More

Jaakko Vilén

Sales Director, Fintech Customer Experience, Tieto

Reflections from Tieto’s breakfast seminar about video and AI in customer service. More

Tomi Behm

Lead Security Services Product Manager, Tieto

One significant but less discussed aspect of the GDPR is data portability. It is a very complicated matter that CIOs, CISOs, IT managers, data architects, and other personal data controllers must research thoroughly. More

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