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Edgars Bremze

Strategic Product Manager, Tieto

Open Banking is bound to reshape the banking industry and its services. The driver comes from the EU in the form of PSD2, short for Revised Payment Service Directive, which opens up the EU payment market to companies offering consumer- or business-oriented payments based on access to information about the payment account. However, we’re still waiting for the influx of innovative services. More

Carsten Henke

Managing Director Tieto Germany & Head of Production Excellence, Tieto

Times are changing. What used to be a winning business formula for twenty years ago isn’t working any longer. Competition is tightening, cost pressures are increasing and customer demands are growing louder. More



Simon Kavanagh

Lifecare Chief Designer, Tieto

In May this year, New York held the largest Blockchain conference yet – Consensus 2018. Here are a personal set of perspectives about the event which should get you scratching your head about blockchain from Simon Kavanagh, Head of Innovation and Design in Healthcare, Welfare and Education at Tieto. More



Yulia Filipovich

Compliance Manager, Tieto Compliance Cloud, Tieto

Cyber security was ranked as one of the top five global risks for businesses at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2018. As the EU General Data Protection Regulation’s deadline has just passed, there is growing pressure on businesses worldwide to ensure that they are making cyber security a top priority. More

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