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Bo Harald

Founding Member at MyData Global Network,

A fair few years ago, I was giving a speech at an e-invoicing conference in London, with 300 people in front of me. As I was talking, my phone blinked: I’d received an invoice in Nordea’s service, which I promptly paid by responding ‘A’. A couple of clicks, and that was it. “By the way, you may have not noticed I just paid an invoice because I didn’t even have to slow down my speech,” I told the audience. More


Timo Karpola

Head of New Energy Services, ICS, Tieto

A changing business environment, new competition and leaps in technology are turning business-as-usual into a survival game for many energy retailers. An open mind and being prepared to think differently can be the life-saving kit. More


Antti Blomqvist

Principal Business Consultant, Tieto

Paper & board mills run their business process almost fully based on human decision-making, possible if skilled personnel is available. Emerging Asian producers, however, will trigger the development of AI-based business process support to realise the full benefits of a highly automated production process. More



Kaisa Koskinen

Business Consultant, Financial Services

I guess many of us have already had some kind of a conversation with a machine. The chat bots have rapidly become a standard solution to handle customer service tasks digitally. For example, over 80 % of private customer service chats are started with a chat bot at Finnish insurance company If. Apple iPhone users have familiarised themselves with Siri, a voice-command personal assistant. You might even have a voice-controlled smart home facilitated by one of the triplets, Apple, Google or Amazon’s smart speaker. More

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