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Aki Pesola

Lead Business Consultant, Tieto

District heating is a superb invention. Even so, it will not be competitive in the next decade without major changes in its operating model. More


Timo Karpola

Head of New Energy Services, ICS, Tieto

The utility industry is grappling with ways of staying relevant – and indeed, staying in business – in the rapidly changing energy market. There is a strong drive for transformation from a retailer to an energy service provider. But how to do that? Timo Karpola, Tieto’s Head of New Energy Services, outlines some paths to success and helps you explore where to find the value. More


They say Virtual Reality is dead

November 22, 2018. | Sami Heinonen, Tieto

Sami Heinonen

XR Specialist, Tieto

…but let me tell you how badly they are mistaken. More

Sanni Pajarinen

Technical Documentation Specialist, Tieto

Tieto – as we all know – is an incredible combination of different expertise and talent. Not only that, Tieto brings together people from different nationalities and cultures. I myself have gained personal insight into Tieto’s healthcare business and company culture since I started as a Technical Documentation Specialist summer trainee this year. In fact, healthcare forms a unique cluster of professional diversity inside Tieto – one where nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals can meet programmers, ICT professionals and business experts. For me, the interesting question was, what happens when all these individuals are teamed up and what language do they use professionally and culturally? More

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