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Markus Hautala

Head of Blockchain Solutions, Tieto

Antti Kettunen

Digital Hustler, Tieto

Markus Hautala and Antti Kettunen reveal how Blockchain has rapidly emerged as one of the disrupting technologies of the digital age More

Kimmo Alaniska

Head of Healthcare, Tieto

Social welfare and healthcare technology will develop even more rapidly in the future. No system supplier is the best in the world in all ​​social welfare and healthcare specialty areas, and a large amount of new technology innovations are born in start-ups globally. More

Kimmo Alaniska

Head of Healthcare, Tieto

Tieto has taken a major step in healthcare system development towards an information model that supports open and international standards. The information model aims to improve the effectivity and quality of care and to reduce costs. More

Johan Höglund

Vice President, Head of Healthcare, Welfare and Education, Tieto

Interview with Johan Höglund and Tomaž Gornik, Co-Chair of openEHR Foundation and CEO at Marand. Electronic health records (EHRs) are stored on closed systems. This is the biggest obstacle to fully digitalizing healthcare. In Sweden, Tieto wants to lead the way in building open ecosystems for EHRs and believes this will improve healthcare and even create jobs. More

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