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Fredrik Bergström

Principal Consultant, Omnichannel Commerce, Tieto

Physical stores are struggling. Footfall traffic is down every year and e-commerce is growing steadily. Consumer use of mobile devices to purchase goods has exploded. Stores are closing, chains are focusing on their digital strategies. But the fat lady hasn’t sung yet and it’s way too early to declare the death of the physical store. More



Miko Huomo

Director, New Business, Lumme Energia

Renewable energy is becoming a staple feature in the Finnish electricty network at an accelerating speed. Most of it will be wind power, around four terawatt-hours a year. Today, wind power accounts for some five per cent of Finland’s approximately 85-TWh annual consumption, but its share is estimated to rise to 15 TWh by 2025. More

Magnus Lilja

Director Sales and Clients, Lowell Sweden

The European landscape of the debt collection market is changing. The proportion of uncertain loans in Europe is higher now than before the financial crisis began in 2008. Read more about the underlying causes, how it affects consumers and the financial system as a whole, in this guest post by Magnus Lilja, Director Sales and Clients at Lowell Sweden. More


Carsten Henke

Managing Director Tieto Germany & Head of Production Excellence, Tieto

In recent times, you have certainly read and heard a lot of hype regarding the future of work, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and a host of other new buzzwords. As the theme for Tieto’s customer day 2019 will be “Winning in the industry – IT’s about people and data”, it might be good to focus on what will change in the industry from both the IT and the people point of view. More

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