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Julya Satir

Junior Sales Trainee, Tieto

Tieto hosted together with Episerver a breakfast seminar at Epicenter Stockholm for digital marketing professionals in financial services sector. Here are my key takeaways from the event. More


When OT meets IT – How to secure factories from hackers

September 12, 2017. | Timo Ahomäki, Tieto Security Services

Timo Ahomäki

Head of Portfolio Development, Tieto Security Services

Manufacturing is among the most targeted industries for cyber attacks. What makes manufacturing industry suddenly such a hotspot of risks? More

Per Dahlqvist

Head of Business Development & Analytics Products, Tieto

There is a need for a more accurate scoring within lending. By implementing alternative and social scoring, lenders can achieve higher accuracy in their credit evaluations. This makes it possible for lenders to capture customers they would otherwise have missed out on. More


The drive to digital

August 31, 2017. | Patrik Centellini, Tieto

Patrik Centellini

Head of Business Development Transaction Banking, Tieto

A couple of hikers see a farmer leaning on his gate and stop to ask for directions. “We’re looking to get to X,” they say. “Well, I wouldn’t start from here,” the farmer replies. More


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