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Sanni Pajarinen

Technical Documentation Specialist, Tieto

Tieto – as we all know – is an incredible combination of different expertise and talent. Not only that, Tieto brings together people from different nationalities and cultures. I myself have gained personal insight into Tieto’s healthcare business and company culture since I started as a Technical Documentation Specialist summer trainee this year. In fact, healthcare forms a unique cluster of professional diversity inside Tieto – one where nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals can meet programmers, ICT professionals and business experts. For me, the interesting question was, what happens when all these individuals are teamed up and what language do they use professionally and culturally? More

Sameer Datye

Head of Business Development Insurance and Wealth management, Tieto

Insurance business is probably one of the few businesses that has managed to successfully institutionalize the concept of selling fear; fear of a scary tomorrow. A business where consumers pay money upfront for a service or benefit that they may never need. More


Janne Hukkanen

Business Architect, Financial Services, Tieto

Will PSD2, a regulatory-driven movement to expose banking APIs, result in something that will make a difference by opening up the competition and European-wide reach of banking services? It is commonly known that PSD2 is not a technical standard, actually quite far from it. Third Party Providers (TPPs) are the ones that should be benefiting from this change, so let's take a look at how this looks from their perspective. More

Markus Hautala

Head of Blockchain Solutions, Tieto

Markus Hautala, Head of Blockchain solutions at Tieto argues that blockchain technology allows us to create more democratically governed distributed platforms and avoid vendor lock-in. More



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