Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses, Tieto

Taneli Tikka is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in several start-up firms and listed companies and has been widely recognized for his expertise in finance and information technology. His real journey started for more than a decade ago when Taneli quit his seemingly safe engineering job at Nokia to found his first startup. His entrepreneurial journey has included couple of major failures and several very successful companies. Currently he is heading innovation incubation at data-driven businesses unit.

Please note, Taneli has joined the Tieto alumni team and is currently working elsewhere.

Tune in to the force of innovation in a digitalised world

video March 16, 2015 | Taneli Tikka, Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses Tieto

Watch moderator Ola Ahlvarsson and participants Linda Liukas, Taneli Tikka and Luigi Vanfretti identify, explore and discuss some of the ideas and perspectives that are driving innovation forward.

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