Mattias Isaksson


1. Name: Mattias Isaksson
2. Age: Recently turned an age where I am closer to 60 than 30… :-)
3. Role at Tieto: Chief Marketing Officer
4. How long have you been working at Tieto: Just over 6 months
5. Where do you work: Stockholm, Sweden
6. What do you do on your free time: As little as possible. And with three children under the age of 10 we play a lot of sports, go on adventures and have tons of fun.
7. The soundtrack of your life: Somewhere between “Takin’ care of business (with Bachman-Turner Overdrive)” and “Busy doin’ nothin’ (with Ace Wilder)”

Please note, Mattias has joined the Tieto alumni team and is currently working elsewhere.

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