Matti Vakkuri

Head of technology, Industrial Internet, Tieto

Matti Vakkuri graduated from Finnish Military Academy in 1993. He has 20 years of experience from areas of management, leadership, business development, analytics, security, quality, human resource management, project management, program management, offering development , crisis management and consulting in both governmental and private sector.

In his current position in Tieto his tasks are to enable the power of new technologies with enormous impact on the customers’ businesses assure cross-organizational collaboration and network, evaluate partners, suppliers and competitors in the ecosystem. Tasks include executing, advocating and lobbying AI, IoT and Big Data’s possibilities internally and externally in business operations, research and product development.

From April 2013 to June 2016, in addition to his job in Tieto, he held a part-time occupation of Focus Area Director (the Head of the Program) for DIMECC’s Data to Intelligence research program. The program is focused on Big Data, data reserves and user-centric service development. The aim of the program is together with companies and research institutions to develop intelligent tools and methods for managing, refining and utilizing diverse data. The results of the program enable innovative business models and services. One of the program’s targets is to develop methods for Big Data analytics that handle complexity through fusion of heterogeneous data sources, and use adaptivity, context-sensitivity, scalability, and user relevance as the main methodological objectives.
In 2014 he was a full member of Finland’s ministry of Transportation and communications Big Data working group which has built and written Finland’s national Big Data strategy draft in June, 2014.
Since 2015 he has been a chairman of Finnish Big Data Forum and US National Science Foundation Center for Visual and Decision Informatics Industry Advisory Board Vice Chair.

His motto is "Management by leadership".

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