Manish Kumar

Head Offering Management & Customer Enablement Consulting, Tieto

Education/experience: I have close to 15 years of IT industry experience, having worked in different capacities ranging from business consulting to IT service delivery and account management. During this time I have had the privilege of working both with the largest IT services company of India and now with the largest IT services player in Finland. My education is in Sciences with a Master’s in Business Administration.

Describe your normal day at Tieto
My normal day at Tieto is full of surprises because I have an urge to get involved in multiple initiatives that can often make preplanning my work rather impossible. So in my daily life at Tieto I get to live the true nature of business dynamism that is characteristic, jumping from one high priority item to another.

What is the most exciting thing at your work?
The most exciting thing at work is being able to help solve our customer challenges and develop new solutions/ services that we can take to market. Being in touch with the changes around us and exploring new ideas with our excellent Solution Managers and Customer Executives make the future look much brighter than the present.

What does Business Transformation and/or IT Transformation mean to you? Business and IT transformation is a reality that we and our customers need to accept. We cannot freeze ourselves in time and thus the most needed skill to survive in the future is our ability to transform. It helps us in Tieto realizing and enact the true potential of our company in delivering world class end-to-end IT services.

Twitter account: @mailmanishks
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Your favorite quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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