Elina Reponen

Innovation Manager, Kenno Ethnographic Consulting

Anthropologist enthusiastically observing the world, and on a mission to make digitalization a bit more human. Specialized in ethnographic research, Elina is keen on creating each touch point an experience on the customer journey.

Besides Finland, Elina has lived, studied and done research in Kingston, Canada and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Canadian dry sense of humor and Brazilian confidence are her goals for personal development.

Elina has built her expertise on entrepreneurship through research and practice. Several studies done with entrepreneurs, have lead her on a path of consulting, coaching and mentoring.

Several years ago a wellness hobby turned into a secondary job for Elina, and she is happy to be able to combine these two dear topics on her blog post series for Tieto.

Kenno Ethnographic Consulting is specialized in people-centric development and experience design. By spending time with customers as they live their daily lives, we get an understanding of their life worlds, challenges they face, and needs, they cannot quite put a finger on today, but will discover tomorrow.

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