Christian Guttmann

Global Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (VP), Chief Artificial Intelligence and Data Scientist, Tieto

Resume: Christian Guttmann
2018 - Global Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist (Vice President), Tieto
2014 - Professor (Adj. Assoc.) Artificial Intelligence, University of New South Whales, Australia
2014 - Adjunct Researcher, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
2017 - Board member, Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society, Sweden
2017 - Co-Chair – Sponsorship, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
2016 - Executive Director of NAII, the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 – CEO and Founder, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, HealthiHabits, Stockholm, Sweden
2014 - 2016 Senior Analyst and Project Lead, IVBAR, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 - 2014 Area Lead in Health Care Analytics, IBM Research, Australia
2010 - 2012 Senior Researcher and Theme Leader iCare, Etisalat British Telecom Innovation Centre, UAE
2003 - 2008 PhD in Distributed Artificial Intelligence (Monash University, Australia)
1998 - 2001 Master of Science Artificial Intelligence (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
1996 - 2001 Master of Science – Theoretical Computer Science (University Paderborn, Germany)
1998 - 2001 Bachelor Social Science / Psychology (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Christian gave invited lectures and visited Harvard University and the Stanford research institute and many international leading universities. He’s a strong public speaker and has been invited to over 200 industry forums and scientific seminars across the globe on AI. In addition, he also advises international governments and company leadership on building strong AI strategies.
Christian creates IP with high impact, and has over 50 publications and patents in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He co-organizes leading international scientific AI conferences.

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