March 8, 2019

Enabling customer value from your Industrial Digital Services

Rory Moore

Head of Industrial Services, Tieto

'One portfolio, with no silos’ is the key to delivering true value for your end-customers.

Some years back, I wrote an article about how service customer-value must be the shining light in terms of creating value propositions for your digital services portfolio.

A lot has happened in the last 2 - 3 years and the digital services offering maturity of OEM machine builders has increased significantly. One of the core lessons learned – and indeed also a trend that we in Tieto see – is that there is now an acknowledgement that simply investing in the technical platforms and data science capabilities is not enough to entice your end-customers to invest in your digital portfolio.

The core paradox – The ‘disconnect’ in a connected offering

There is still quite often a disconnect between the digital services offerings such as PdM, Machine Optimization, and Real-Time monitoring, and the fundamental services (spare parts availability, field services lead time, exchange programs, warranty etc.).  

It can be very confusing for your customers to clearly understand which service portfolio they should choose based on a potential reduction of TCO for their installed base. The challenge here is to decide how your value proposition should change for all your services.

This is not an easy task if your service organization is continuing to offer the fundamental services in the same way as they have always done, whilst at the same time you are also trying to create new value proposals with digital services to the same customers.

What needs to change?

Assuming that you have the core technical building blocks in place by way of Industrial IoT platform, connectivity and analytics etc, then the next step is to merge these capabilities with your fundamental service offerings and have one portfolio that you bring to the market.

It should no longer be a case of the customer having to choose between the two. If you promise PdM with e.g. 99% accuracy, then you also need to bundle the capability to have the correct needed spares and field technician on-site to rectify the issue before downtime is experienced. ‘One portfolio, with no silos’ is the key to delivering true value for your end-customers.

Tieto Industrial Services Morning 21st March:

To learn more about how we can help you to create real customer value with your digital services ambitions, come and meet us on March 21st. We will explain what trends we see across the machinery and equipment services industry in the Nordics and showcase some success and indeed also some common pitfalls in the Service Transformation journey. 

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