May 22, 2018

Two facts every mobile operator should know about signaling

Jörgen Trank

Lead Product Manager, Product Development Services, Tieto Corporation

In the midst of the IoT, cloud and 5G buzz – do you know just how critical robust signaling control is for successful cloud operations?

Core network applications can finally be delivered on cloud platforms, and the virtualization of network functions helps operators reach lower operational costs. Now is the time to stop investing in software that runs on expensive, dedicated and proprietary hardware.

Yet many mobile operators struggle with getting rid of old technologies fast enough and cloudifying the core network. Smart signaling control helps. It safeguards your cloud technology investments and increases operational efficiency. Let me tell you how.

 1. Robust signaling control is crucial for cloud core

 Technology agnostic signaling control handles standards from 2G to 5G and communications between them, increasing operational efficiency. This forms a foundation for hasslefree applications on-boarding, especially in cloud-first environments. 

2. Signaling enables reduced core network operation costs 

It is vitally important to invest in technologies that can run fully virtualized on clouds and enable 2G to 5G migration. With advanced signaling control products, which are running on multiple private and public cloud platforms, operators can freely adjust signaling capacity, for instance switch from 2G/3G Signaling Transfer Point (STP) to 4G Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) capacity – without any additional cost.

At the Mobile World Congress 2018, Tieto launched Tieto Evolved  Signaling Controller, a product enabling easy transition to 2G/3G or 4G/5G and over 30% costs savings. To evaluate how it can help you in your challenges, please download the full solution paper here. 

Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller

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