November 20, 2018

Life as a Solution Consultant in Tieto CEM

Andrej Kurusiov

Solution Consultant, Customer Experience Management business unit, Tieto

I started as a Solution Consultant in Tieto’s Customer Experience Management unit in the beginning of 2018, and I have just realized it’s been almost a year in the team. Time flies fast as a consultant as you have most of the days different from the previous ones. The unpredictability and ad-hoc projects keep us in shape.

Work at Tieto CEM is very different from the previous work environment in a major Finnish financial institution where volatility was just external and customer-driven, and now it happens at least on weekly basis. Of course, the customer is in focus, thus things tend to happen faster, almost in a startup-manner, inside CEM. The thrive for changes and finding all diverse angles of own skills and aspirations has led me here, where most endeavors are well met and given a possibility.

I find it inspiring to be able to deal with both pre-studies for diverse customer industries, participate in workshops and on-site projects, get hands-on with SAFe model and at the same time have the opportunity to study new perspective areas like AI.

The inspiring part starts as early as the recruitment process since newcomer can share views not only with the potential team leader or manager but also with the future colleagues as the process is quite open. Cooperation continues on a daily basis as there's always somebody to consult or have a chat with, whether it is work related or not, or even play a tennis match in free time.

I look intrigued into the future with CEM as new approaches and technologies are taken into use in Tieto CEM, and hopefully those are at least as successful as my current projects. 


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