October 1, 2018

Launching Insurance-in-a-Box for Life and Pension

Sameer Datye

Head of Business Development Insurance and Wealth management, Tieto

I am super proud to announce that Tieto will be launching the Insurance-in-a-Box for Life and Pension at DIA Munich conference on October 17-18.

iiB launch DIA

Insurance-in-a-box platform for Property and Casualty lines of business was launched in DIA Amsterdam (2017). Thanks to power of partnership of the ecosystem play, we have been able to extend the platform to support the Life and Pension lines of business! We will be demonstrating the platform and the functionality live on the DIA Munich conference.

The platform is built on 6 simple principals that deliver business value to insurers:

1. Crazy speed- start-up in mere months! - Property & Casualty insurance companies in less than two months; Life & Pension in less than six months

2. SaaS-ified - A service-oriented approach - Cloudified infra

3. Try Fast - Fail Fast - Plug & play new ideas – Disconnect & plug-out old idea

4. Modular & Prepackaged ecosystem play - Pre-integrated & pay-as-you-use modular approach

5. Innately Disruptive - Not only technology but also distribution disruptions

6. Business Model Innovations - Granular insurance for Property & Casualty and Dynamic Insurance for Life & Pension

The solution that we will demo is about how we can have a dynamic insurance approach towards life insurance. We will demo how policy administration (AdInsure), Fund Core (Tieto), goal-based planning (Ortec) and banking APIs can integrate with Social Media (FB & LinkedIn) to dynamically adjust the insurance and the savings components to support life situations.

I promise that it will be inspiring to watch how business can use a digital start-up approach to disrupt the way we see insurance and wealth management! Visit us at the DIA Munich 2018, October 17-18 or drop a note here if you are unable and we will organise a private viewing.

Sameer Datye

@Tieto #InsuranceInaBox #PowerOfPartnership

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