August 30, 2018

Equality is not one-time project, it is a process

Charlotte Levert

Head of HR, Tieto Sweden

At Tieto, equality is not something we plaster on top of our ordinary organisation. Instead it is a core value, a guiding principle and – most important of all – a competitive advantage and a way to service our customers better.

Equality is a big word, but from our point of view, it encompasses the idea that there should be the same opportunity for everyone to fulfil their full potential – irrespective of gender or ethnic background. The task is to create the structures and attitudes for this to happen.

For Tieto this is both a goal and a road, since we don’t see equality as something that we will achieve once and for all and then forget. Instead it is an ongoing process, constant strives to become better, clearer and more inclusive. We have come quite a way on that journey and are very proud to be the first IT company in the world to be certified for gender equality by EDGE. But we still have a lot of work to do in our everyday life, looking for structures of inequality that hinder employees’ potential to develop.

Personally, I need to be aware of that I still, on a daily basis, make mistakes due to my biases and preconceptions. It’s naïve to think that anyone is perfect, the challenge is to raise awareness within yourself as well as within others of the biases and preconceptions that stands in the way for equality.

Celebrating IT woman of the year

While working globally with such projects as our EDGE certification we also work with great local initiatives. At the moment we are in the the process of nominating and evaluating candidates for our “IT woman of the year”-award in Sweden. It is for the fourth consecutive year that we highlight persons that have done extraordinary things for equality within the tech sector. It is a chance to celebrate heroes and role models (and have a party).

The nomination process is just concluding and in September the jury will meet to review all the fantastic nominations; evaluate, discuss, argue and eventually come to a decision on who will be IT woman of the year 2018.

We will present the winner at the Talent Excellence awards on 3rd of October 2018. The award will be handed out by Ishtar Touailat, Head of Innovation Incubation (former winner in 2016) together with me.

Hope to see you there and to continue the journey of equality. 

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