May 28, 2018

Proactive, not reactive – gaining competitive advantage by making personal data regulations work for you

Petri Koivisto

Senior Security Consultant, Tieto

As noted in a previous blog post looking at cybersecurity trends in 2018, “[t]rust will become an even more important component in doing business in the omnichannel environments.”

Indeed, as digitalization formulates different types of networks and ecosystems between businesses, public sector organizations, citizens and consumers, trust is digitalization’s core component. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one effort to codify the data and privacy protection which is required to control the access to and usage of personal data enabled by modern technology.

Tieto is one of the key providers of digitalization enabling solutions and technology for both public and private sectors. Our main objective is to have adequate data protection, security and privacy by design for all products and services.

How we see it is that the GDPR is merely one instance of trust building in the digitalization era. It can be used as a foundation for building competitive advantage. Tieto aims to reap full benefits from this by building a solid, standards based and transparent foundation for trust. In short, we aim at being leaders in this space.

As one concrete step in building this trust foundation is standards based third party auditing of our products and services. Among one of the first in the world, Tieto has successfully implemented the ISAE3000 framework for GDPR in co-operation with PwC Finland.

These efforts have gained international recognition. Today, we are holding a presentation at the Edinburgh EuroCACS 2018 conference, discussing what we have done, what are the benefits, and what are the learnings we want to share with other organizations.

This is an achievement of which we are truly proud!

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