March 6, 2018

Pay for a ride, not a car factory: Tips for selecting your Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider

Mika Huhtanen

Head of Managed Security Services, Tieto

As we stated already as far back as in 2016, the key cybersecurity issue is not about technology but about business. This is even more so in today’s increasingly complex digital and economical environment. It is no longer possible to stick a firewall device on top of your ICT and be done with security.

A successful cybersecurity approach needs to consider and align multiple complex variables such as global threat intelligence, processes, people, automation, and technology.

Can you do this on your own?

Perhaps. But do you need to?

Think of your organization’s cybersecurity. If you were a person looking to transport from A to B. Do you want to own, operate, invest in, and know every nook and cranny of a car factory, and then manufacture your vehicle to complete the drive? Or would  you rather call for a limo service to take you where you need to go?

Getting the balance of in-house cybersecurity resourcing and obtaining it as a service needs careful thought and planning. Having resources and developing capabilities in-house is closer to home but may be costly and slow. You will need top skills and resources, who are constantly on the pulse of developing and evolving cybersecurity landscape.

You will need deep level understanding of  threat intelligence, processes, people, automation, and technology. And you need the flexibility to iterate your setup as your business changes – and to make your investment as flexible as possible.

Buying security as a service requires explicit matching of needs to the capabilities of a trustworthy partner. There are plenty of solutions, technologies, components - and partners - to choose from. Choosing who to partner with and when is the key question.

In selecting just the right Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider partner, you need to consider the following:

1. How is the potential partner’s offering composed?

  • Do they provide best in class or best of breed? Or do they combine the best of both worlds?
  • Make sure that all elements work together, is easy to manage and provides easy reports and status views.

2. Are they a trusted and proven cybersecurity player?

  • There is a myriad of companies providing security services, ranging from big global players to smaller and more fluid ones. Who has the best track record and fit for you?
  • Do they have the resources to provide you the service level you need?
  • Do they have the experience in your industry, IT environment and cybersecurity needs? 

3. Can they provide you with a real time overview of your external and internal cybersecurity status?

  • Are they able to keep you updated and provide cybersecurity insight at any given time?
  • Do they have the inclination and resources to constantly develop their offering and personnel knowhow?

So, in short: do you buy and operate a car factory, or use a limo service? Or something in between?

As a Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider we are of course tempted to guide you to ride a limo (our limo). It will take you where you want to go with less hassle, and allows you to focus on your core business.

Why invest in a car factory - impressive as they might be - when what you really need is the ride?

Why invest in cybersecurity infrastructure when what you really need is a service that provides visibility, simplicity and protection?

The world is changing and things are moving - can you afford to stay put? To end with a sentence of shameless self promotion: We offer a smooth ride, and the door is open...


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