March 23, 2018

Getting new functionalities and services to the market fast

Sami Suro

Director, Business Solutions, Tieto

Today, the ability to stay competitive relies heavily on development quality and delivery speed. You need to launch new functionalities to serve businesses better, offer customers new digital services, all the while complying with market and legislative requirements.

Many Nordic enterprises still limit themselves to, for example, making just two major software releases per year. But due to the fact that businesses simply can’t afford waiting around for six months for that much-needed new feature, service or functionality, many companies are now in the process of implementing the DevOps way of working – which removes bottlenecks in the development process and increases the visibility and transparency for all parties involved, including business departments, IT and operations.

The need to speed up the development process has become so crucial that sometimes this is done by sacrificing quality. Many enterprises also struggle to reach the anticipated benefits of the DevOps way of working. So, how hard can it be to shift from, for instance, two major software releases per year to four, and towards achieving a continuous delivery approach?

What all needs to change?

As with all change projects, the challenge is to manage multiple things simultaneously: Infrastructure cloudification, the development of toolchains, vendors’ operation models, vendor agreements, testing practises and even people’s ways of working. We welcome this challenge wholeheartedly because we have seen the strengths of E-2-E DevOps approach, and how it can accelerate the time-to-market by a factor 10 to 100.

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