February 15, 2018

In the grand Finnish tradition: Tieto to launch an evolutionary solution at the Mobile World Congress 2018

Tom Leskinen

Head of Product Development Services, Tieto

Fourth and fifth generation (4G/5G) networks are becoming progressively more widespread and their industry adaption is intensifying. This means finding methods of supporting their seamless and simultaneous operation with second and third generation (2G/3G) networks becomes vital.

As the market shifts from legacy networks towards modern ones, bridging the network generation gap will become essential. Network operators need a solution that easily reuses capacity when traffic moves from legacy to modern networks — preferably one that also serves as a single replacement for other solutions. 

This need drove us to “build a bridge” for this generation gap. Our goal was to design a solution that caters to network operators providing services in any of the available standards. However, it also needed to make exploration, planning or undergoing the transition from current to next-gen networks smooth, while simplifying operations and reducing costs (both OPEX and CAPEX).

We are continuing the grand tradition of Finnish companies launching completely new technologies — and transforming the telecom market. Just prior to the Mobile World Congress we will unveil the fruit of our efforts in response to the above operator needs.

The Mobile World Congress 2018 trade show will be held in Barcelona from 26.02 to 01.03. Watch this space to be amongst the first to hear more!

 Also, if you are attending the show, please contact the Tieto MWC onsite team for additional information. 

Press release: 22.2.2018 Tieto launches evolutionary Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller to help mobile operators develop and monetize new services across old and new networks 

Whitepaper: Leading the way to the next generation of wireless networks - Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller

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