December 5, 2017

When slush is turning into snow

Ari Järvelä

Head of Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

I felt exhausted but happy while driving home from Slush 2017 last Friday. Tieto has been one of the main partners of the event for a few years now, and the investment has definitely paid off, in terms of both, awareness and business.

This year’s theme – problem solving –  made me think about the ways we as Tieto contribute to the society. Thus the startups, investors and other stakeholders are gathering in the same event every year, the collaboration continues behind the scenes throughout the year.

Slush proved it again: Finland is the hotbed of innovation turning contacts to networks, ideas to business and even slush to snow. 

One might be prone to think that technology is a mere business opportunity, and is not primarily a means of contributing to the common good. If we can already now create services that can predict for example diabetes or social exclusion today, what can be done in just a few years, when the new technology such as AI and advanced analytics have done their breakthrough in everyday service development in which data is the backbone.

I’m a true believer on saying that the greater things are achieved together, and therefore embracing the ecosystem way of working – bringing the best brain and skills together – is the success factor also for Tieto. In the Data-Driven Businesses unit we are putting more and more effort in finding synergies with different collaboration partners next year. Our aim is to make the future more intelligent with data – together. There is clearly demand for co-innovation around data, as the response from the market has been extremely encouraging.  

“Together” was also the theme for the Finland’s 100 years celebration year. Tieto spent the year with youth by listening their dreams and wishes for the future of work. The year end 2017 and early next year Tieto is bringing 100 school classes to Heureka to get themselves introduced to their future-themed exhibition and workshop. 

The celebration year of Finland is about to end soon but the new fest is ahead – Tieto is turning 50 in 2018 – and it’s time to celebrate, again! 

I want to wish happy Independence Day for all the people in Finland enabling the collaboration culture and innovating better future for all of us.


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