December 7, 2017

The Knowledge worker is setting the workplace scene

Suzana Drakulic

Director Workspace services, Tieto

Albert Einstein’s statement, “Education is not the learning of facts but training the mind how to think”, frames the mindset for how knowledge work will change in 2018. A mind that is trained how to think, will likely also find the quickest way to best execute and implement the “all-not-yet-know” changes ahead of us. Passion, perseverance, problem solving, judgment, relationship building, collaborating and communicating skills, and attitudes, are key for the knowledge workers’ success.

The 5 characteristics of a Knowledge worker

  1. Knowledge worker productivity demands that we ask the question: “What is the task?”
  2. Knowledge workers must manage themselves. They must have autonomy.
  3. Endless innovation must be part of their work and their task
  4. Productivity of the knowledge worker is not – at least not primarily – a matter of the quantity of output. Quality is at least as important.
  5. Knowledge worker productivity requires that the knowledge worker is both seen and treated as an ‘asset’ rather than a ‘cost’. It requires that knowledge workers want to work for the organization in preference to all other opportunities.

 What kind of new opportunities will knowledge work bring to an individual employee?

Know the answer to what gives me satisfaction?  69 % of employees in a Cisco survey said “it is unnecessary to be in the office to be productive”.  Students in another survey thought they should have, “the right to work remotely with flexible schedule”. What kind of opportunity is key for you?

Take time and set a new personal goal; is it working with a new competence area? beat the competition with a new innovation? implementing a highly advanced “people and process transformation method”? or get to know, and work in a new cultural environment? The opportunities are endless.

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