December 14, 2017

Superior customer experience - built through engaging culture, data and agile ways of working

Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

We are witnessing a multi-faceted, dynamic era of digitalization and countless news on latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics keep appearing on daily basis.

This is no wonder as the data-driven world and new technologies provide unseen opportunities to build services that excite with their personal, predictive and “always on” features. Importantly, data and technologies also provide ample opportunities to stay on the pulse of the users; to capture a holistic view of their behaviors and experiences.

When you add to this the notion that great customer experience is closely linked to a company’s own strategy and culture, it is now more important than ever to master customer and employee experience in close sync.

One key part of this is breaking organizational silos to enable effortless collaboration, a true teamwork between units. Through cross-functional knowledge-sharing and combining different data sources it is possible to gain a more holistic and deeper understanding of the customers’ business, current experience level and future needs. With this augmented knowledge one can bring new value to the relationship, fostering motivation and good experiences on both sides.

To realize the value, it is important to monitor the experience systematically: often enough, across key touchpoints and throughout the joint journey. But monitoring is not enough: absolute key is to consistently feed the gathered insights back to the organization to foster understanding and ambitions for continuous improvement. Equally important is to close the loop with the customer by transparently communicating the improvements based on the customer’s feedback.

According to a recent study we made on customer experience management and development amongst Nordic companies, a vast majority (94 %) say that customer experience is one of their top development areas during the next three years. However, the study also showed that the work is conducted in silos and maturity of it is still quite low. As better customer experience management certainly is one of the key ways by which the Nordic companies can differentiate from global competitors, this area is worth our focus and effort.

At Tieto we have in many ways focused on getting our formula working during the past years. We have systematically renewed our business and culture in sync since 2012, including for example a great deal of organizational silo breaking and establishment of three internal startups to fuel our business renewal, Open Source culture development and agile ways of working. We have also spent a good while setting up the mechanisms and processes to keep dynamically up to date with our customers’ sentiments.

Very delightfully, we have recently witnessed a significant improvement in our strategic customer experience survey results with all customer experience KPIs, including NPS®*, reaching all-time high this autumn. It is definitely rewarding to see that our multi-year consistent attention and work on company renewal and culture starts to pay off in this respect. What we have also witnessed in pure data terms is that our employee experience and customer experience results do correlate. This confirms we are on the right track with keeping them both high on the agenda.

This is also how we intend to continue. Our ambition is to turn customer experience into a competitive differentiator and become our customers’ first choice for their business renewal. This calls for commitment from the entire Tieto team: our promises to customers need to be fulfilled in every interaction, seamlessly through all touchpoints, every single day. This in turn requires us to treasure a corporate culture where both employee and customer experience are equally valued, recognizing their undisputable correlation. A key ingredient in keeping this formula working is the continuous feedback from our customers. Your contribution is greatly valued and we focus on making the best use of it in developing our operations – every day.

*Net Promoter is a registered trademark and Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

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