November 9, 2017

openEHR is the key to flexible utilization of information

Kimmo Alaniska

Head of Healthcare, Tieto

Tieto has taken a major step in healthcare system development towards an information model that supports open and international standards. The information model aims to improve the effectivity and quality of care and to reduce costs.

The chosen model, openEHR, enables the best utilization of international and national clinical information and care recommendations, as well as fast organization-specific adaptation.

openEHR is a leap into comprehensive care and service plans - tools that support physician decision making, improve usability, and ease recording of clinical data. Ready-made and customizable templates serve as supportive and guiding protocols for care. Entries can be automatically utilized as part of a patient care plan. Reactive, event-specific, and recurring entries remain in history. 

Open data speeds up the spread of best practices 
The open data model strategy changes how Tieto works.  In an open data model, the information provided by the systems is available to operators regardless of system vendor.  Start-ups are also provided with a truly open platform. 
In the first phase, clinical data management, medical report, and decision support enter the openEHR world. In the second wave, the patient administration will be reformed. 
In the future, the idea of a new functionality will materialize on the clinician’s desk in days, even in hours.  Customizations can be made without heavy application updates. Each healthcare organization and clinician can also create templates that can be exploited by colleagues. Open data enables quick sharing of best practices. 

Continue bold and open national reforms 
In the Nordic countries, significant work has been done in defining national requirements. That work has also awakened system vendors to re-think - more openly.  Tieto’s response, the openEHR system architecture, is easy to maintain, and enables a truly modular architecture.  We need to strongly continue this development. Together, we have a unique opportunity to build a  top of the world social and healthcare service system supporting clinical expertise for the Nordics.

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