November 2, 2017

Neck-pain? Try out Tieto Intelligent Building!

Sofia Ekblom

Communications Manager, Tieto

When I first joined Tieto a year ago, I was sceptic towards the new office where no one had assigned seats and we were encouraged to wear badges that tracked how we moved within the building. “No way I’m putting on a tracker”, I thought and got flashbacks from George Orwell’s 1984. Well, a year later I can say that everything turned out to be a completely different experience!

Last spring I got the opportunity to listen to futurist Jacob Morgan who has done a lot of research on the future of work. According to him, employee experience is growing in importance and it is defined by three things; technology, culture and physical space. I would like to add one aspect to this formula which is physical well-being.

On the go in the office

I have struggled with neck-pain more or less since I started working full-time without really finding a good solution to the problem. I exercised, downloaded an app to my desktop which reminded me to stretch and I took small walks whenever I remembered. Nothing helped. In February 2017, a few months after I had started working in Tieto’s new office in Keilalahti, I realised something was different. The neck-pain was gone!

I started to analyse my last months at work and realised that because I don’t have my own seat in the office, I move around much more during the day than I used to. Of course I still work on my computer, but depending on my needs, I move from a hangout area to a concentration area to our rooftop cafe... I’m more or less on the go a large part of the day - and as a bonus I meet a lot of new colleagues.

What about the tracking badge?

The tracking badge I was so sceptic about when I started, also turned out to be both useful and good for my health. Now when I can locate my colleagues in other parts of the building, I simply get up and walk to them when I have something to discuss instead of opening the chat on my computer. It’s also handy in the sense that - believe it or not - people are not always available on the chat and can be hard to reach by phone. Then you can simply check where they are hanging out and go and find them.

I guess that what I am trying to say with all this is that change can sometimes feel scary, especially when it affects you on a very concrete level, like where and how you do your daily job. However, change can also lead to something really good which was the case for me.

And the best thing with all of this is that I don’t come to our office because someone tells me to – I could work from home or some other location – I come here because I really want to. That’s what I call employee experience!  

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