November 2, 2017

Designing the future with data – insight to Solution Architect’s job at Tieto CEM

Weizhen Ma

Solution Architect, Tieto

Data – the thing that horrifies one and inspires the other. For me it’s an opportunity to develop new products and services for the future needs of our clients. In this blog I will share my experiences in service design team at Tieto Customer Experience Management unit. Continue further to explore the journey behind building the Customer Interaction Engine (CIE).

From an idea to a product

Unlike other projects I have participated, which mainly focused on very specific technology or customer cases, Customer Interaction Engine (CIE) initiative was really created based on the holistic customer experience vision and under the megatrend of data-driven business.

CIE’s core technology was born from the concept of data lake. Firstly, we took solid steps to use problem-oriented approach to define business values that CIE is going to deliver. We evaluated a wide range of commercially available platforms and products to learn from their successes, also to identify their gaps and new opportunities.

Having finished the initial investigation phase, we really believe that combining our in-depth understanding of our customers and technology advantage, we can truly create a SaaS platform that differentiates us from other players in the market towards a more holistic, agile, and innovative CEM. By following the clearly defined business value propositions, we were able to create more concrete data models, system architecture blueprint as well as initial product backlogs. In this process, our team had the privilege to cooperate with experience data scientists and architects from Data-Driven Business.

Now it is just the time to really get our hands dirty and start to take off!

Do you share my passion?

The largest reward for me working in this initiative is that you get the chance to work with insightful business thought leaders as well as talented tech gurus with variety of cutting-edge technologies. I feel that my thoughts, experience and innovative ideas can be taken into practice and actually influence customers’ future businesses. What could be more rewarding than that?

If you share my passion, join my team to take the CIE initiative to the next level!

Apply for Lead Solution Architect position.

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