October 31, 2017

Generation IT

Sandra Wallin

GenT trainee, Financial Services , Tieto

For my generation, IT is a natural part of everyday life, which means we are always interacting with digital solutions in some way. I personally have always been interested in new technologies and digitalization, so pursuing a career in IT felt natural, even though I majored in business administration at university.

I also think that IT is built on a wide range of skills and talents. If you want to be at the forefront when it comes to digitalizing the world, you need to integrate these different abilities effectively. But there is nothing that stops you from learning something new in an unknown area. All you need is curiosity and the right attitude!

Trained by Tieto 

Despite its size, I had never heard of Tieto until it came up in a Google search for "trainee program" when I was applying for jobs during my master’s studies. I was also writing my master's thesis about trainee programs at the same time, asking myself, what do these programs really mean to young graduates like myself? And how do they create value for businesses and organizations? I was interested in this topic on so many levels, so following up on the Tieto link made sense.

After researching Tieto and its trainee program, I was especially attracted to the company’s new strategy and focus on customer experience management. The opportunity to be able to experience and participate from A to Z in the kind of transformation journey Tieto is doing right now doesn’t come very often. Of course, I felt that this is something I want to be a part of!  

Let’s do this

That Tieto is a company under constant change is something I realized quite fast. On my first day at work, I was told that I had a new department, a new boss and new opportunities that were different from what I expected when I signed my trainee contract five months earlier. My reaction was "Wow, how exciting! Let’s do this!", because in my role as a trainee, I only see this as an opportunity. I am thrilled to work in an organization where things are always changing, because with each new challenge, I learn something new. Now I have been here for 1.5 months and so far, Tieto has more than delivered on its promise of introducing trainees into the company in a successful way. 

As one of five Swedish trainees, with colleagues in Norway and Finland, I work as a “Customer Experience Trainee” at the Financial Services in Business Consulting and Implementation (BCI) unit. During my first time here, I have shadowed my talented colleague Mårten Barkwall in CX/UX, as well as our inspiring global director of BCI, Charlotta Wark. Both have provided me with valuable insights into their role in the organization and the business sector. 

We take it personally

I've so far met a lot of passionate and talented people at Tieto with deep knowledge in different areas. In fact, that's one of the biggest benefits of being a trainee – the opportunity to network. These people have inspired me to think differently, to question things I take for granted, and to act. Another thing that I value is sharing and receiving knowledge and information. However, this is something that is up to you – to take personal responsibility and to lead by example. It is also something I think most of my colleagues at Tieto do, by the coffee machine, at lunch, during meetings, and after work. Whenever I need advice or need to air my own ideas and thoughts, there is always someone to turn to. And, of course, this inspires me to do the same – to receive and share knowledge, to challenge the status quo, and to find new opportunities. It’s an attitude I take personal responsibility for, and I know you will too!

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