September 22, 2017

Customer data is the gateway to excellent customer experience

Hanne Haapoja

Head of Digital Marketing Solutions, Tieto Corporation

Data has become one of the most powerful tools for marketers. In order to get an insight from our customers we carried out a survey looking at how well-developed the Nordic companies are in their CEM activities. We looked at how these companies are currently positioning themselves and studied their future plans in this area.

The study reveals that companies’ strategic emphasis on customer experience (CX) has risen over the last four years. More than half of the respondents in this survey (52%) say that they have a digital CX strategy, vision or roadmap. Their CX processes are often still quite basic - at present, only 10% measure CX based on customer journey touchpoints, while only 20% say they measure CX in real-time. Nonetheless, the importance of understanding the whole customer journey and building a coherent customer experience across all functions of the company is increasingly being understood. Respondents list the creation of a holistic customer experience and the usability of their online applications as one of their key focus areas for building the digital customer experience.

Data gives you power

To develop customer experience on a more personalized level, companies need to be immersed in customer data and to use real-time information as well as knowledge of the whole organization to enrich the customer experience. Having up-to-date and real-time information about the customer at each step of the journey enables the whole company to benefit from efficient utilization of the data. Effective leveraging of relevant data transforms companies into agile learning organizations.
Data should no longer be the asset of one function or service area. Companies need a joined up database in order to create deeper and more enriched personalized customer experiences. Relevant data is a key driver and currency of business, enabling management to achieve measurable results.

From words to action

Where? How? Which kind of resources? Sometimes the most difficult step is getting started. We have solved this challenge with our customers just by sitting at the same table and doing step-by-step investigating, looking at which are the main data sources, what kind of data we have, and comparing this to the present customer journey paths and main channels. Usually it’s quite clear soon after that where the data gaps are in measuring, in marketing, in ecommerce and in CX. There is much more stronger possibility to succeed in future CX, if you are able to follow the results in real-time, aggregate the data and create new ways of communicating, creating new services and innovating new business opportunities.

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