June 8, 2017

How to serve people in the puzzle of all the digital

Jaakko Vilén

Sales Director, Fintech Customer Experience, Tieto

Reflections from Tieto’s breakfast seminar about video and AI in customer service.

My own mission is to develop the society by promoting easier solutions. To be brutally honest, I hate technology, especially those moments when I need to use 5 minutes in struggling to be able to get into a video meeting.

Brands create emotions, even non-existing brands that resemble those that we know. Paul Jones Winlund illustrated this in his presentation with concrete examples. Customers spend more time on social media than on our own channels. This sounds very logical but the change compared to couple years back is actually quite dramatic. There is a paradigm shift from push & sell to engage & serve. Very logical again, yes yes.. but wait! How do we explain to our management and shareholders that we want to serve our customers, and the revenue is just a side-effect? Paul didn’t open all of that up, so I am going to have more chats with him about the topic.

Time is vital – you need to be able to answer a customer’s request in seconds when they call you, or in minutes if they contact via social media. Antti Seppälä has some case examples, and also his own experiences of both good and bad. Artificial Intelligence, AI, is actually already a reality in number of cases. The secret is that it is not in fact a “C-3PO”-looking robot from Star Wars speaking in Oxford English, but software that recognizes the informal language, also disregarding typos in a chat conversation, who is able to find answers to practically all the questions. And if not, the machine learning ensures that next time the chatbot knows right.

Where does Virtual Reality (VR) step into real business? And when? There are number of initiatives and innovation explorations ongoing in this field. Within 3-5 years there will be already plenty of cases done by the front-runners, and probably some unsuccessful attempts along the way too.

My own experience of 5 minute struggle time was with a bank’s video meeting setup. 5 minutes doesn't perhaps sound like a long time, but trust me, for an engineer it felt like sitting in a tight squat position and holding breath. Anyway, the overall time saving of not having to travel to the meeting at the bank was extremely positive.

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