June 12, 2017

Cloud as a key enabler to solve the duality challenge

Erik Johannisson

Head of Strategic Marketing and Marketing for Technology Services and Modernization, Tieto

Cloud as a delivery model has been discussed for a long time now and we have seen a dramatic growth of cloud services in the past years. But do organisations really know where they stand in this journey? And what is the real cloud maturity among large organisations in the Nordics? And what do the top IT decision makers say about their cloud maturity?

We asked them to find out!

Together with the research analyst company Radar, we have just repeated our Cloud Maturity study for the third time. This time, the research was based on interviews of 268 IT decision makers in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

In the new study we see that:

  • Cloud maturity is increasing among Nordic organisations in general, yet still 10 percent of the sample have not yet started their journey.
  • Finland and Sweden are most cloud mature but Norway is closing the gap.
  • There are still differences among industries, but laggards like public sector and manufacturing industry, are picking up

All this is great and shows that the general awareness and confidence in cloud as a delivery model and as a key enabler for digitalization has increased. But what does it take to succeed and how can new technology and delivery models support growth and meeting new business demands?

Proof points for the value of cloud in business renewal

We at Tieto believe in a duality approach to our customers’ business renewal. We see the journey as two-folded: organisations must be able to leverage the present to the fullest to be able to build a position for the future, at the same time.

We see cloud as a key enabler for future success for Nordic organisations. Cloud has a key role in renewing and optimising the current business, but also in enhancing and supporting innovation for new revenue growth. Basically, modernizing the traditional while building the digital future.

This is easily said, but we also have proof points that this is happening. In the new study, we continue to see a number of significant proofs that the really cloud mature organisations (14 percent of the sample) see cloud as a key enabler to solve their duality challenge. For example, organisations with high cloud maturity:

  • Have 29% greater share of their IT budget available for innovation and transformation
  • Spend 21% less on ongoing IT operations
  • Have 18% higher ability to support digitalization of core business
  • Have 15% higher ability to support business changes
  • Have 11% higher ability to help strengthen the competitiveness of core business

How would your organisation measure up? Do you recognise the real value of the cloud in enabling success for your business? Are you lagging behind strategically, operationally, or both?

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