May 29, 2017

Tieto + GenT = Adventure

Veronika Kiseleva

Product Marketing Trainee, Tieto

What others call “outside my comfort zone” is a comfort zone for me. I love exploring the unknown and embarking upon new adventures. I was extremely happy to join Tieto’s Generation T (GenT) program at a time of such cultural and strategic change, and I was determined to embrace all the dynamics that the program offered me.

I joined from an established startup, where I was responsible for partner management and marketing, as well as contributing to product and web development. 

New adventures, new possibilities

I began my journey at Tieto in the Portfolio Management team. I focused on projects related to offering awareness, go-to-market activities, foresight and product marketing on a company level. I’ve also been organizing an ongoing series of larger and smaller scale events to promote our offerings, both internally and externally. The Portfolio Management team was the perfect place to start from. It was an invaluable opportunity to grasp the big picture and understand the overall offering of our company in its entirety. I worked within a great number of areas, products and services.

One of the great things about GenT is that we’re encouraged to rotate abroad or within our home office. So I took the plunge and in March 2017 I rotated to our Forest Industry division. Here I market the offering portfolio of Wood and Fibre solutions. I also explore new solutions as a part of our internal accelerator. I’m not constrained to just one department though. My adventurous nature means that I often find myself in the projects of other departments, for instance in Tieto Experience Hub and Cloud Born Solutions.

Embracing the opportunities 

Where can you find me? Demoing Tieto VR Retail Experience at Internet of Things Nordic, the SAP Innovation Forum or a customer event? Envisioning the future of the Forest Hub? Being part of the Tieto crew at Slush? Flying to Ostrava for one of the GenT modules? Solving the challenges of Inclusive Design at Tieto Design Jam? Pitching about blockchain for HR? Preparing a pitch at 3:00 AM on Saturday night at Junction? Hopping around various hackathons (and even winning at some)? Facilitating Tieto Design Thinking workshop? Organizing a spaceship prototyping ice-breaker for the event, where Tieto Young Professionals meet Telia Young Talents? Playing piano at the Christmas party in Keilalahti? Yes, and those are just a few. I am an adventurer and I love it! Exciting work and extra-curricular fun – I’ve found both at Tieto.

Here are my top tips to help you on your own adventure:

1. Focus on essentials 

This is integral to design thinking principles. The focused attitude will ensure that the challenge in question is real and its solution is simple.

2. Practice creativity

Creativity is something that everyone is born with – you just need to unlock it. A great place to start is a visit to a hackathon. Here you can let your ideas run wild, and learn how to turn tight deadlines into valuable creative opportunities.

3. Do it today

The future is not about tomorrow – it’s about today. Embrace it: think how you can start making a difference right now. 

Would you like to join us in the rapidly evolving tech sector, and make a positive impact on society? If you are ready to accept the challenge, we will be excited to welcome you as a fellow GenT colleague!

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