May 8, 2017

The awesome feeling of learning and growing – being a young HR professional at Tieto

Nina Ylistö

HR Specialist, Tieto

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I’ll never forget the words on the poster that I bumped into in the hall at my university as a soon-to-be graduate. There I stood, without a day of HR experience, but determined to step into the unknown and aim for a career in HR. Two years later, with roughly a couple of years of HR experience (in recruitment and more broadly within the employee lifecycle) the opportunity arose to join Tieto’s HR team.

When I joined Tieto around six months ago, I knew that I would get to broaden and deepen my expertise in HR development. I’d be responsible for managing trainings from end to end and coordinating our GenerationT (GenT) trainee program in Finland. Little did I know about all the incredible things I would (and still will) learn, manage and experience.

Let’s get down to business

My first week started with an HR summit in Helsinki, gathering the Tieto HR community from all around the world. It was two super exciting days full of inspiration, looking at the future and meeting my new colleagues. The team that I was lucky enough to join did a fabulous job in organizing the days, and I felt honoured to be working with these people and the rest of the brilliant HR community. Right away I felt that this was a place where I’d get the chance to learn from some of the best.

The first couple of weeks was all about induction. On my first day I even got to participate in a meeting with one of our training vendors. How exciting to get right down to business! My closest colleagues did an incredible job in making me feel confident in my new position – as did the whole HR team. You are never alone, there is always someone to reach out to if help is needed or if you want to bounce an idea around. Tieto values onboarding new employees; this is exemplified by the ‘Tieto Take Off Days’. These two days are dedicated to getting to know our company, business and people. Super inspiring!

I was quickly up to full speed with my own responsibilities and projects. I got the exciting opportunity to jump into a project and work alongside the team on a huge employee experience project. Our headquarters was moving to Keilalahti and we were moving to an activity based way of working. Another cool project going on was the Workday project. Even though I wasn’t part of the project team, it was interesting to follow the progress and see how HR was successfully taken into the cloud.

I might have stumbled upon one of the best kept secrets

Speaking of interesting projects, it’s really exciting to be working for a company that sincerely encourages and supports its people to actively pursue personal development. Currently we have a “Learning as a Lifestyle” initiative that is about providing insights in Advanced Analytics, Design Thinking and DevOps. And there is more to come. Exciting or what?

Sometimes I feel that the opportunities that a young professional is given at Tieto may be one of the best kept secrets. I’m really amazed by all the things I’ve learned, all the responsibilities I’ve gained and all the cool stuff I’ve experienced. As a young professional at Tieto you are truly given the opportunity to learn and grow. You can innovate and challenge the status quo, and you will get your voice heard because Tieto is genuinely open to new ideas. Always evolving, always striving to make today better than yesterday.

So here I am. Excited about what I will learn, manage and experience next, reminding myself that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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