February 7, 2017

Two perspectives from Tieto Summer Trainees

Tuomas Haikonen

Facility Project Assistant, Tieto

Juho Salokangas

Sales Manager, Tieto

What will you do in approximately 3 months, on June 1, 2017?

Exactly a year ago, the two of us were in the same position as you. Based on our shared experiences, we've put our brains together and listed the main highlights of the past year. 

Tieto is not only the largest domestic player in the Finnish IT sector; it's also a truly global company, with branches as far afield as India. You'd probably be surprised at how often you use our services. So, what have we been a part of since last summer?

Project Keilalahti

I'm Tuomas and I work at Facility Management at Tieto. The job ad leaped out at me. The chance to work on Tieto's new head office project sounded awesome, and I knew I had to apply. I'd heard that Tieto were moving their HQ to Espoo, but I never dreamed that I'd be involved in the heart of this move by summer. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell from a job description exactly what the position entails, but in this case my responsibilities were clearly outlined. Even so, I was surprised by the sheer breadth and complexity of such a large project.

My role

Firstly, I attended different meetings with various streams (such as Way of Working, ICT, Design, etc.). The approach was totally agile and responsive. The idea was to get involved in areas that I had expertise in - and also the areas that interested me the most. This was great, as I could genuinely impact what my role in the project would be. I ended up being heavily involved in planning and managing the installations and logistics of furniture, AV, and ICT.

In hindsight, it feels like I've been involved in nearly every aspect of the project in some way, which of course is a great experience. I've learnt so much. In the final stages, a hard hat and safety shoes became part of my work wear, as I spent most days at the construction site.

After the move was finally completed and my contract was coming to an end, I got the opportunity to extend my stay at Tieto and take a larger role in the expansion project to the neighbouring building. This project is currently moving at full steam ahead - and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Work culture

The work culture here is actually very relaxed. It all boils down to what I’m doing or what phase of the project we are in. Days can sometimes last over 10 or 12 hours, so when I have a chance to get off early it’s smart to take that opportunity. I can plan my days and weeks based on what I need to accomplish, and how I do this is totally up to me. The project's short and long-term goals really determine how I work; this requires flexibility. And the flexible approach goes both ways, which in my opinion is key.

Mentoring is crucial

Having a good mentor can make all the difference to your traineeship. I'm Juho and I was very fortunate to be connected with not one but two mentors with unique skillsets (shout-outs to Bid Manager Johanna and Senior Sales Manager Leo). I can certainly say that they have had a lot to teach a junior sales person like myself.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to share with others some of what I’ve learnt.

Increased responsibility, responsive leadership

My first month was spent learning the tools we have in use and getting to know the team. In the second month I got to assist the team in formatting the sales material. By the third month, I was offered a clear plan for the next six months. This was comprehensive, and included first sales cases and responsibilities. The method of gradually increasing the trainee’s responsibilities, while simultaneously giving support from multiple fronts, makes for a smooth transition to your full-time role.

When I expressed my interest in the area of software robotics, my supervisor Tiina took a note of this. Just two weeks later, I found myself in a related sales case, getting valuable hands-on experience and insight into the features and concepts that we’d been developing in-house.


Modern working environment

I once came across this quote: “You spend most of your time in bed or wearing shoes - so invest in both." I'd like to add a third part to this - working in an office. Your workspace can make or break your daily routine. So it's reassuring that Tieto has invested a considerable amount of resources into its new HQ at Keilalahti. The standard workspace in Keila is pictured above. In addition, we work in a multi-purpose space. Here, you're able to switch location to an area that best suits your needs. Complimentary fruit can be found in the lounge area - so no more donuts!


Why not join us?

If you're a student planning your next big step in life, and you're curious about life at Tieto, then why not get in touch? Remember, we were in exactly your situation a year ago.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts and maybe meet some of our future colleagues. Who knows? You just might end up being invited for coffee and a tour around possibly the most modern office building in Finland.

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