February 13, 2017

Learning the true value of education - my first summer at Tieto

Tuomas Jokela

Software Developer Trainee, Tieto

Last year, I was hired as a Summer Trainee at Tieto, working as a Software Developer. I'd just finished my third year of IT studies at Tampere University of Technology. 

I'd never worked within my own field of expertise, so I was over the moon to be given the opportunity to gain experience with Tieto. It was a pleasant surprise that I was chosen, as Tieto at Tampere was only hiring one trainee Software Developer at the time. I was determined to make the most of this chance and learn as much as possible. So, what was my first day like?

Well, the first thing that struck me was how genuinely friendly everybody was. I was given a warm welcome and made to feel at home straight away, even though I was much younger than everybody else. I expected to be stuck alone in a tiny cubicle in a grey office, just like a clichédscene from the movies. But it was totally different; the offices were spacious, bright and modern. And my workstation was located in a bustling room, where there were other people working on the same project as me. The atmosphere was great, full of energy and enthusiasm.

Part of the team from day one

I joined a project that was focused on connected cars and traffic. As this was my first job as a Software Developer, I assumed that I'd be given all the boring tasks that nobody else wanted to do. I couldn't have been more wrong. I felt like a fully-fledged team member from day one, because I got to do things that really mattered in the project. Of course, at first the tasks were introductory and relatively easy. But as I became more familiar with the topic, the more interesting and challenging the tasks became. For example, I got to help out with the demos, which was a really vital part of the project. The work itself was very interactive, and most things were done within our small team, where we had great communication and knowledge sharing about every detail of the project.

Never underestimate your schooling

After the summer, I was hired as a part-time trainee. So now I work alongside studying. Only since combining the two have I noticed how much this job supports school, and vice versa. Before, some lectures seemed too abstract; I found it hard to imagine how what we were taught could be put into practice in the real world. Now it's easier to put the things I've learnt into context, and I can see how they've helped me do well in a project-oriented environment. I realise now that nearly everything I was taught at school has proved highly relevant to the world of work.

All in all, the chance to work as a Tieto Summer Trainee was an unmissable opportunity. It certainly proved that all of my negative preconceptions about life as a software developer were wrong. It's been a blast. Great coffee, inspiring projects, friendly people, and a truly educational experience. What more could you want from a traineeship?

- - -

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