December 19, 2016

Slush, we had a blast, see you in 2017!

Raghunath Koduvayur

Head of Marketing, Technology Services and Modernisation and Strategic Marketing., Tieto

By participating in Slush, Tieto aims to boost innovation and growth by expanding its ecosystem of partners and embracing the lively start-up atmosphere.

Our CEO, Kimmo Alkio, shared this vision earlier this year in our official Perspectives blog, and this also became the guiding principle for our presence at Slush.

During the planning phase, I shared our plans on how we aimed to make the Tieto booth your favourite space at Slush, and host about 50 industry leaders and over 100 in-house experts at the event. The interest and support was overwhelming and we ended up scaling it up by 50% to a total of 230 participants.

So how was Slush this year?

Slush attracted close to 17,500 participants from around the world to discuss the latest about startups and cutting-edge technology, and brought together people representing different industries and companies both big and small. So, it’s only logical that companies, particularly those led by innovation and ecosystem thinking, participate in this event and take advantage of what they learn to accelerate growth. And we led the way this year.

What did Tieto present at Slush?

Our employees represented Tieto proudly and provided insights into the way we see the future of technology. We introduced our latest technology offerings, such as Intelligent Building, Future of Retail with VR, DevOps tools and expertise, OneCloud, and Lifecare eSense.  For startups and entrepreneurs, we coached and advised on our newly launched data incubator and collected applications on-site. Our talent scouts were actively seeking talent to join the Tieto family. The response at the booth for all these areas was overwhelming.

Slush takeaways

The most important takeaway for us was accelerated ecosystem thinking. We already work with companies of different sizes including technology leaders on business renewal. This event gave us the inspiration to collaborate with the ecosystem further and accelerate growth. We were inspired by the innovation, energy, and infectious passion towards great work, which we hope to carry into our organization.

In return, we also feel that we were able to contribute to the ecosystem positively. We had queues at our booth for the demos, to have a chat with our experts on the data incubator, prospective candidates wanting to join us to build their careers, and several tech enthusiasts discussing with our VR, IoT, DevOps and Cloud experts. This gave us the utmost satisfaction and purpose for the work we do.

Besides all the hype and media interest, events like Slush expose us to new ideas and ways of thinking - they challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone.  Often a slow-paced, process led, bureaucratic way of working paves the way for an agile and innovation oriented thinking. We can learn from the young entrepreneurs to aim high and become problem solvers rather than mere problem spotters. On this journey, we are having several ongoing discussions around partnerships and prospective candidates who want to join us and work with us. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Slush, we had a blast, see you in 2017!

Follow all the activity from Slush 2016, jobs and partnership opportunities here.  Today’s world requires some rock’n’roll attitude as companies need to run their existing businesses efficiently while innovating new services. And just like with rock bands, you need creativity and collaboration for the best outcome, not to mention breakthroughs. To see how our open source culture rocks, check out this video.

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