December 30, 2016

Healthier, brighter, quieter, livelier - welcome to my new workplace!

Shailendra Jain

Sales Manager, Tieto

I’d been waiting with bated breath ever since I discovered that Tieto was building a new workplace in Pune.

My expectations were sky-high. After the development of the awesome facility at the Digital Experience Zone, I was anticipating a super smart workspace; one designed to cater to employees’ needs and a wide variety of roles, not just software development. It was the perfect time for a change; my sales work needed a more flexible work environment. Too often I found myself on calls which I couldn’t take in the middle of the office, or away at a customer's site and not using my allotted office seat. I often needed a quiet place to concentrate when preparing a proposal or doing market research.

So I was over the moon when our new workplace was opened by Tieto’s CEO Kimmo Alkio. I could hardly believe it, but the new facility actually exceeded my expectations; not only is it suitable for all kinds of work needs, it’s also much healthier and quieter. I already feel the positive impact the new environment is having upon my daily work life. Everybody’s energy levels seem higher. I think this is partly due to the fantastic design and the color scheme of the offices. The lighting is a perfect mix of natural and artificial sources, and it helps keep me fresh and focused.

Another big change is that there’s no pre-arranged seating system. This means that the space never feels monotonous. Every day you get to chat to a different neighbor, and share ideas and insights. I no longer feel guilty about being out of the office and not using my pre-arranged seat. The tables are great - you can adjust them and work standing up or sitting down, neutralizing the health risks attached to sitting for long periods of time. This is still a fairly new feature for an Indian workspace. I can honestly say that the entire office ambience inspires you to challenge the status quo and consistently think outside the box.

I must also mention the overall design and floor plan, because it’s a fantastic addition to the entire concept. Its four zones are a perfect solution to the requirements of a wide variety of roles at differing times.

The collaboration zone occupies the largest section. You don’t just come here to work; you come to truly collaborate with one another. Instead of meeting rooms, this section has open structures that foster inspiration and team building. It’s where we go to share ideas and success stories.

The concentration zone is away from the exits and entrances, ensuring peace and quiet. Its elegant cubicles provide an oasis of calm where you’re free to work without distractions.

The communication zone is dedicated to calls and short meetings. It’s perfect for dealing with short customer calls. This is where I spend most of my time in the office.

The chill out zone is the ideal complement to the overall layout. Equipped with vending machines, cooking appliances, and a classy seating arrangement, this is where we go to have fun and chat about life in general. It’s so relaxing to sit back with a cup of tea and a Parle-G biscuit, smiling that smile known only to Indians. The magnificent view of the EON Free Zone from the cafe is the icing on the cake.

Speaking of which, my tea’s over. Now it’s time to call my next prospective customer. Cheers!

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