December 16, 2016

Facing challenges and opportunities as a Gen-T trainee

Aleksander Johansen

Business Analyst Trainee, Tieto

Having returned from Tieto’s onboarding program in Helsinki, I embarked upon my first challenge as an employee. Alongside my fellow trainee Benedicte, I was asked to conduct a market analysis for our main financial segments with the intention of mapping the market size and opportunities. The result was a big data-based analysis for all of the major corporations in Europe, as well as the world’s largest banks.

One month later, we were asked if we would like to present our findings to our department’s senior management group. This is a key part of the Tieto mindset - you are trusted with a great deal of responsibility (appropriate to your background and interests), and then it’s up to you to make the most of the resources at hand. In November, conclusions drawn from this analysis were mentioned in Finansavisen, one of the largest business newspapers in Norway, and next year we will present some of the findings at a liquidity management conference in Amsterdam.

Virtual Account Management

Our department, Transaction Banking, works across a variety of locations in Norway, Sweden and India. Tieto has many customers in the financial markets – not only institutions in the commodity and trading markets, but also the more traditional banking institutions. Undoubtedly, one of our hottest products at the moment is Virtual Account Management (VAM). The banks which offer cash management solutions to corporate treasury departments are among the largest global financial institutions. And the financial institutions which use VAM for this purpose are our customers.

Learning by doing

So what does all this mean to me as a trainee? Well, in October 2016 I was given the amazing opportunity to participate in customer meetings in London. In total, three exciting and educational meetings with three different customers were organized. At first, I was quite surprised by how informal these meetings were compared to the stereotypical image of bland bankers. Of course, the dress code was formal, with suits being the standard for men and dresses being the standard for women; but the communication was direct and highly solution-oriented. At the end of one of these meetings a hands-on customer case was introduced.

In late October, we attended the Gen-T leadership development gathering in Stockholm. We got the opportunity to meet and listen to Vahid Zohali, the Vice President of Financial Services Sweden and Banking Solutions. He spoke about the future prospects of Tieto Sweden. The second day of the gathering was set aside to focus on leadership development, based on an assessment conducted by Cubiks Sweden. After the Stockholm gathering, we faced the challenge of arranging a demo for a large bank with offices in London. For us trainees this was our first experience of taking on the responsibilities involved in organizing an important event for an external customer.  We were well-prepared with back-up plans (as well as back-ups to the back-up plans!). In the end the demo was successful, and I’m pleased to say that the customer was very satisfied.

Tieto Young Professionals (TYP)

These are just a few of the challenges that I have faced during my first quarter at Tieto. However, I want to highlight that being young in Tieto does not necessarily mean that you have to be a trainee. I’ve been working for TYP Norway for some months now. Currently, we are counting more than 140 members aged 35 or younger. This is a network which also exists in Sweden and Finland. In September, we travelled to Copenhagen as part of the yearly assembly. This network is a truly unique opportunity to connect with colleagues across nations and industries in an informal setting. I can’t wait for the next challenge!

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