November 15, 2016

We is the new I

Katariina Kravi

Executive Vice President of HR, Tieto

I have worked in Human Resources for some twenty years now. This year I have had an exceptional and hugely inspiring agenda as, on top of the day-to-day HR practices, I have been driving forward two super exciting projects: Tieto’s new head office in Keilalahti, Espoo, Finland and the digitalization of our HR processes with Workday’s cloud-based HR solution. What makes these projects so exciting in my mind is that they are enabling us to take the employee experience at Tieto to the next level.

Employee experience as the cornerstone

It has been great to see our new head office start to come to life in the past few weeks: first hundreds of employees have joyfully landed and we have already hosted one hackathon in the premises. This is exactly the spirit we have hoped to achieve – different people and activities coming together in an inspiring way.

A spontaneous message on our feedback board in Keilalahti saying “Good energy”.

As per our strategy launched this spring, our ambition is to become customers’ first choice for business renewal, and accelerate innovation and growth. While this is a logical step for Tieto, it will require a lot of renewal spirit and focus from all of us employees. Hence, we felt it was important to design the new head office from employee experience perspective and incorporate closely to cultural renewal. We engaged employees to tell how they prefer to work and designed the activity-based premises to serve different working modes accordingly, with an overall aim to fuel interactions and innovation.

We are introducing similar more empowering and engaging ways of working across our offices worldwide. An incremental part of this is also getting rid of the physical ties of a working place – you work where you manage it best.

The magic happens together

At Tieto we believe in the power of collaboration and co-innovation, and aim to foster this internally as well as with our customers and partners. Working in co-op mode and through networks is definitely gaining ground and evolving as we speak. We started increasingly addressing this in 2012 with the start of our ‘Open Source’ culture journey, targeted to re-set our minds and ways of working for digital future. Last year marked a cultural turnaround for us, making us even more motivated to continue on this path.

As one of the next steps on this path, I foresee it becoming increasingly important to shift targets and KPIs towards serving the idea of “togetherness”: how much we contribute to each other’s performance and learnings, rather than counting percentage points and ratios for individual achievements. This will require adjusting the systems, but even more new mindset and set of behaviors from leaders – adopting the thought of We as the new I.

By the way, in our new head office we are introducing a dedicated incubation hub area that will be open also for external start-ups and innovators. From day one the Keilalahti floor plans have also included plenty of room for co-creation, and we truly look forward to seeing these spaces in active use.

Data is beautiful

Working in HR one gets used to handling data in volumes and various formats. It is nevertheless overwhelming how fast the amount of data and related innovations have increased during the past few years. It is also truly inspiring to see these innovations as part of everyday life and this is something we at Tieto definitely want to grasp.

For example, at our new head office we have implemented Tieto’s own Intelligent Building service that is using thousands of sensors in the premises to guide us use the building as smartly as possible. Employees can for instance see real-time what working desks or meeting rooms are free. This enhances not only our everyday #tietolife, but also our capabilities to drive sustainable office.

A totally different data element in Keilalahti is a huge and unique light art presentation, referred to as “Data is beautiful” in our project group. The artwork uses Tieto’s data and includes some 25 000 led lights that are moving according to the data flow. Owing to its uniqueness, this beauty gave us some hard time during the construction, but once fully settled at its new home, will radiate light and data energy to its surroundings for sure. 

We are also celebrating the power of real-time data by taking Workday’s cloud-based HR solution in use. As result, our employees and managers get to access all essential people data easily from one place, through whichever device whenever they need it. With the solution in place next year, we can also start seriously building analytics capability at Tieto HR and add hugely more value to the business and people compared to what has been possible with backwards-leaning reporting.

What my two super cool projects from this year have in common is definitely our aim to enhance employee experience. But, also two underlying themes have been guiding us in both: Design Thinking and Data Analytics. These topics are today important to master across various professions and functions, and we at Tieto are now looking at them as strong candidates for company-wide awareness building and competence development.

It seems we will have another hugely exciting year ahead indeed.

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