November 28, 2016

Tieto marathon for great customer experience - what it takes to become first choice

Erwin de Bont

Head of IT infrastructure and Platform Services, Tieto

A couple of years ago, my brother in law was telling me that he wanted to run the marathon in Rotterdam in his life. Like me, he was heading to the respectable age of 50 and his body curves were not supporting that idea. Anyway he changed his behaviour and discipline to train multiple times a week, didn’t eat unhealthy food or drink alcoholics. It took two years of training, and last spring he told me that he is going to run - and he made it. Great story! However, if you look a bit more into the details, it was not a straight path to glory and many times the urge to stop popped up. So a painful, but in the end, a rewarding undertaking.

In Tieto we want to be our customers´ first choice for business renewal. To get into that position we need to create a fantastic customer experience everyone wants to have. Keywords of that experience are easy to deal with, transparent, predictable and surprising as well.

On track now with the first marathon “renovate the core”

Like many of our competitors, we used to be a collection of insourced people from different customers and competitors, each with our own working habits. Our product portfolio looked far from the ambition. So at least some exercise needed for becoming 100% fit. The first marathon would be about getting us in a good shape before we achieve the state of being predictable and surprising. So, we started to run the marathon ‘renovate the core’ on two tracks. The first track meant developing a new set of service offerings that are able to bring transparency and simplicity to our customers. The second track was about changing our behaviour and implementing one Tieto way of working in everything we do.

The tracks look different, but they go hand in hand. It is all about doing things in a new way, discipline, hard work, lots of pain stopping doing things that bring no value for our customers, changing our behaviour and our thinking. All of this added with enthousiasm and an open and creative mind.

The finish line in sight: Tieto OneCloud launched to customers

Again discipline, continuous fighting to get the energy levels up, keep on focusing day in day out. It is now end of November, and we´ve caught sight of the finishing line on the first marathon. Tieto OneCloud, our unique multi-cloud management solution, has just been launched! It is going to bring the best in cloud, public and private, to our customers in a simple, agile, secure and effective way.  Exactly according to the marathon ambition.  Also, another important service, ServiceNow, is about to be taken live for the first customers to ensure an enhanced customer experience. The race has begun!

We know that we are going to be exhausted, we might fall but will step up and continue. We are prepared to somewhere halfway reshape ourselves to find the energy and wisdom to continue. However, we are convinced that we are going to make it.  Tieto has an excellent team for completing the mission – customers´ first choice for business renewal.

Looking forward to the next marathons – together with our customers!

Read about Tieto OneCloud here and see my previous blog.

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