November 11, 2016

The mutual benefit in action – Emric and Tieto marriage for two months

Joakim Blom

Head of Corporate Development and Strategy, Tieto

Looking back at the integration project, it already feels very natural that Emric is a part of the Tieto. The product offering is truly complementary and fits together like a well-tailored suit. By combining our products, capabilities and strengths we’ll be able to take some really powerful new market propositions to our customers. In fact, we’ll present the first market ready outcomes of the product line integration for customers at Emric’s release event on the 15th of November. 

Jumping back a little longer. When the papers were signed and the deal was done I had about the same feeling you have when you’ve just bought a new home. It was an exhilarating sense of opportunity and the feeling that we had found a new place to grow and develop beyond our previous physical limitations. As we stand now we have a channel to the market that is much broader than before and we hope to see a strong increase in the number of opportunities that we are able to compete for. It’s both a matter of being able to approach a larger number of opportunities and being able to approach top tier organizations that previously would have ruled us out due to our limited corporate size.

As we work together to create the conditions that realize the deal thesis and attempt to develop new ideas of joint concepts and value creation initiatives to maximize the potential impact of the merger we keep discovering how very similarly we work and act towards each other. Frankly I see little other difference in our culture than that we, your new colleagues, are a group of 200 professionals with a full on commitment to the perfection of credit processes. Expect to hear us talk about it.

If there is one thing about Emric that I hope everybody will remember it is that we provide services and software solutions for origination and management of virtually any type of loan, mortgage, asset finance and lease. We take “credit” for introducing Sweden to algorithmic banking and fully automated end-to-end credit processes back in 1999. Since then our products have been developed to not only meet the requirements of practically any retail financing and commercial financing scenario but nowadays our solutions also include deposits, card approvals and analytical solutions.

We have taken a partnership approach to extending the scope of our customer deliveries and currently offer pre-integrated solutions for electronic identity, electronic signing, AML, KYC and traditional and alternative scoring. Naturally we have also formed alliances to strengthen our go to market channels. For obvious reasons the primary focus is to partner with system integrators and consultancies but we also count a group of industry publications and industry organisations to our valued partners.

To sum things up we are very excited about being a part of Tieto and are eager to explore growth opportunities with all parts of the organisation. Looking forward on the bright future! 

- - -

Tieto is participating in Slush 2016 with aim to boost innovation and growth together with the vibrant startup ecosystem.

Our aim is to meet the best talent in the market and also grow out ecosystem of start-ups for mutual benefit. Our booth is situated in the Northern entrance, near the pitching stage – see you there!

Check out also our Tieto Data Incubator accelerator program! The program invites innovators, teams and startups to join forces in creating this data-driven future business!

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