November 22, 2016

Stop thinking, just dare and do it – the 20th Tiedon Valo is full of inspiration

Ari Järvelä

Head of Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Yesterday, 400 Finnish customers of ours gathered in the Finlandia Hall for the Tiedon Valo seminar to discuss views on how to make Finland grow together.

The times are rather challenging but the digitalised world is still full of opportunities waiting to be explored. As Harri Nummela from OP stated yesterday, there is no such thing as a national league anymore in the digitalised world, nor boundaries between industries.

At Tieto, we believe that data is the main driver in both innovation and societal and economic growth. It’s not who owns the data but rather who can make use of it and cultivate it in a value-adding format – making sense of it, innovating new services and utilising it in the best way to be able to benefit the end-users. Technology is reforming our lives, whether we like it or not. 

Jan Vapaavuori from the European Investment Bank shared very interesting insights on the Finnish political economy and encouraged us all to be the trailblazers of the change, rather than adapting to the new situation. The ability to transform and innovate is much more important than cost-competitiveness in the long run. Thus the new generation and 'Slush wave' of entrepreneurship is changing the working culture towards rapid, experimental and courageous direction.

To get things done, we need leaders. Leadership is everywhere – it is not only the top management, it is the fact that anyone can be the leader just by having the right attitude and behaviour, as Rene Carayol stated. Leaders tell stories, managers talk strategy. Strategy is easily copied, but culture cannot be stolen.

According to the audience voting, 15% of the respondents have already changed their companies and over 60% are doing it as we speak. To make Finland (and the Nordics) succeed in these exceptional times, let’s all have our ambitions set high that we're also able to deliver exceptional things to the market to impress the digitalising world. We have the know-how for how to do it – let’s not stand still and wait for the world to change, but instead make the change together, now! 

My warmest thanks to everyone who was there at the 20th Tiedon Valo event. Special thanks to our customers Soili Mäkinen from Cargotec, Harri Nummela from the OP Group and Tiina Rytkönen from DNA for presenting their transformation journeys and the other speakers Tero Ojanperä (Vision+), Inka Mero (Pivot5), Miika Murremäki (Posti), Rene Carayol and Jan Vapaavuori (EIB).

Let's keep speeding up the growth together!

- - -

We are participating in Slush 2016 with the aim to boost innovation and growth together with the vibrant startup ecosystem. 

Our aim is to meet the best talent in the market and also grow out the ecosystem of start-ups for our mutual benefit. Our booth is situated in the Northern entrance, near the pitching stage – see you there!

Check out also our Tieto Data Incubator accelerator program! The program invites innovators, teams and startups to join forces in creating this data-driven future business!


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