November 17, 2016

First choice - cloud and cloud management made simple

Erwin de Bont

Head of IT infrastructure and Platform Services, Tieto

One of Tieto´s strategic themes is 'to become customers´ first choice'. The IT industry is famous for pushing new technologies into the consumer and B2B markets. It is a coming and going of hypes, mostly accompanied by a lot of noise and overpromises.

Tieto drives modernisation by delivering new IT services outside of the noisy IT toy store in a robust way for the Nordic societies.

Today, many cloud services from the IT toy store are very popular. I do not know anyone who is not profiting from cloud services privately. But the freedom of choice all of us enjoy privately doesn´t exist in the same way in complex business and government environments. 

I can see that our customers are struggling in making the right choices. I see that many organisations are making decisions which they later come to regret because some smart kid in the company knows a brand or label. I see that our customers are afraid to make choices, because of ever increasing security requirements by the national government or European Union. I see that our customers have lost control of their cloud expenses. So, the overwhelming abundance of choices in the IT toy store is really confusing and seldom leads to a satisfactory outcome.

Wouldn´t it be great if there was just one solution in the IT store, and no choice required? One solution that offers all quality cloud solutions. One solution that takes care of all security regulations in the Nordic countries as well as in the European Union. One solution that gives you flexibility and no hassle with complex, hard to understand contracts or hidden costs. One solution that gives you insight into all your expenditure in the different clouds - whether provided from data centres in your country or somewhere else. All complexity made simple with one mouse click. All cloud benefits in one solution.

Never seen it? That is right, it does not exist quite yet....

Interested? Put it on your wishlist for Santa Claus and call Tieto! 

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