November 9, 2016

Effortlessness is the new black

Satu Edelman

Senior Consultant, Tieto

It stood out on the second slide of my colleagues sales presentation: “User experience is the key factor when a customer decides which service they use again”. I was taken aback.

How often do we hear that the cornerstones of customer loyalty are the ’wow’ experiences and making the customer happy? Isn’t good user experience almost something self-evident? Bad service gets people’s emotions fired up, but we return to a good service automatically. Or why do we then go to the same local shop and use the services of the same pharmacy, book shop, clothing store or doctor’s practice year after year?

Producing experiences for the customer does not necessarily increase customer loyalty. Instead, a service experience that’s made easy does. Personally, I go to the same local shop because I know the store shelf layout by heart. Going to the grocery store isn’t a spectacular service experience for me, but I still do it in the same place many times a week because it’s effortless for me. The same logic can be applied to any kind of service production: the customer returns to buy services when it’s easy and efficient for them.

The service quality experience is extremely bad when customer has to contact the company on many different channels. Customers are accustomed to using self-service channels, but unfortunately very rarely can the matter be sorted out from beginning to end in the online service or chat. The customer usually has to grab the phone and make sure that the matter really did get sorted out in one go. Self-service is an everyday thing, but transferring issues from one channel to another or delving into the same thing many times over will make the customer reject the service provider.

The life of a customer is simple: things are either easy or difficult. Customers do not follow the rules set by the contact centres. Customers are not interested in the smart routing of matters or rapid resolution times. The figures shown by the customer service statistics differ from how the customer feels. In order to achieve customer loyalty, every service provider, on both the B2B and the B2C sides should seek to produce a service that facilitates the life of the customer.

So how is easiness achieved? It doesn’t take flashing lights or blowing whistles. According to a study by CEB*, customers appreciate intuitively functioning, guided self-services. So, the customer’s loyalty can be influenced by investing in the quality and easiness of self-services. The life of the customer becomes easier when when can take care of their task from beginning to end in their chosen channel when they themselves choose so.

Come and listen to how the life of the customer could be made easier in a multi-channel service environment. We’re offering a free webinar, the topic of which is the utilisation of IVR (Intelligent Voice Recognition) in customer service. You can register for our webinar here.

* Nick Toman, Rick Delisi, 2013


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