September 21, 2016

Data is the new water

Ari Järvelä

Head of Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

Tieto sees data as the new water – the prime driver for human experience and economic value in the future. To help Nordic companies to pursue the significant opportunities of the data-driven world, and for Tieto to reach its strategic aim of being customers’ first choice for business renewal, we have established a New Data-Driven Businesses unit.

In today’s world, data is measured, collected, reported, visualised and analysed up to a great extend. The main question our customers and partners are asking right now is: “What are we going to do with all this data?”. My answer is clear: Don’t do anything. Alone.

The true value from data can only be examined together with an ecosystem of partners. With data, we will for example be able to make buildings more intelligent and create personalised and better everyday services for everyone.

That being said - one can only create true value to customers and customers’ customers from data when developing data-driven ideas and solutions together. May it be turning data into meaningful information, cool new services or a new business idea stemming from data, co-creation with partners is the key. Combining this with our strong focus on co-innovation and our Open Source culture, strong customer and market knowledge as well as cutting-edge technology expertise, we at Tieto are in a unique position to turn data into life-long value for our customers.

Creating something new demands an innovation ecosystem and a startup mindset. Finland has become a great startup hub in a relatively short time. One great example is Slush, Europe’s  leading startup event, in which also we at Tieto will be participating. Slush gathers almost 15,000 attendees around the world to embrace the darkness of Helsinki in November, explore emerging technology trends and to experience the start-up mentality.

By participating at Slush, Tieto aims to boost innovation and growth also by expanding its ecosystem of partners. We at Tieto are firm believers of openness and co-innovation. Through our new Data-Driven Businesses we highlight co-creation and co-innovation around data, and actively look for new partners to our data-driven ecosystem. So far the response from the market has been very encouraging, with a demand for co-innovation around data.

The journey with data will only accelerate – let’s join forces and create the future together! 

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