June 20, 2016

Start up digital!

Ari Hirvonen

Head of Enterprise Architecture Consulting, Tieto

Time is money. That is even more relevant in digital era, where competition develops overnight. IT modernization is a valid route for organizations, but that alone can be too hard and slow for many. Complexity for example in product structure and by that in IT need to be rationalized and simplified that requires long perspective in planning and roadmap execution may take years.

Digital start-up is increasingly adopted option for this kind of situations. Totally new business, new company or even new brand is built in relative short time period. Starting planning from empty table simplifies the planning and development process dramatically and also removes many obstacles and restrictions.

Legacy IT is not forgotten in this approach. Asset harvesting from the legacy, like utilizing customer information and other relevant data, is still very relevant. In long term legacy is modernized, rationalized and also decommissioned to simplify the structures. Gradually old products and also old IT can be ramped down or moved to new digital start-up and digital platform.

With right approach digital start-up is up and running in few months

Tieto is building digital start-ups for several customers. A good approach is to start with digital strategy and vision development. Blueprint for the development is needed and also different scenarios need to be analysed. It is important to plan the needed digitalization related capabilities. New digital business models and ecosystem partner options should be evaluated as well.

Also new KPIs may be relevant. In innovative and agile development of digital age, new ideas are tested in high speed to find what works and what not. One key goal therefore is quick learning. Progress there can be measured and evaluated like any other important aspect of business.

Piloting and implementation starts when the key choices are made and design in required areas is good enough. In few months totally new business with platform as a service is up and running.

Encouraging experiences with current digital start-up efforts encourage me to recommend this approach to many. In Tieto you can find experienced and reliable partner to start up your digital new business. Tieto has already now lessons learned in this emerging field. We have concepts, assets and roadmaps in place to speed up the start-up development. Tieto has also ecosystem of digitalization partners to bring in required building blocks.

Speeding up digitalization by digital start-up speeds up the development dramatically. Time is money and that money can be yours by digital start-up.  

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