June 28, 2016

Save your job – report better on cyber security

Markus Melin

Head of Tieto Security Services, Tieto

There’s a disconnect between how board members think cyber security affairs are run and how security executives know they are run. The key to overcome this communications breakdown is to have a common view on security. 

Info Security magazine recently ran a story with a pretty shaking headline: ”More than half of IT execs will lose jobs for poor reporting.” The article is based on a board member survey by Osterman Research and is an extremely interesting read to anyone involved in cyber security.

Let’s take the good news first. According to the article, cyber security is strongly on board members’ radar. Nearly nine out of ten board members say they are involved in making cyber-risk decisions. Cyber-risks also have higher priority than many other types of risks, such as financial, regulatory, legal, or competitive risks.

Then the bad news. There’s a disconnect between how board members think cyber security affairs are run and how IT and security executives know they are run.

First: 50 percent of board members think that cyber security data is reported to them by manually compiled spreadsheets, when in reality the figure is over 80 percent.

Second: nearly all board members believe that cyber security data is readily actionable, but only 40 percent of IT and security executives feel the same way.

Third: 70 percent of board members said they understand cyber security data presented to them, but only one third of IT and security executives believe that the message really gets through.

And you know how these things tend to turn out: it’s IT and security executives’ fault in the end.

Bird’s-eye view to the rescue

The very first offering from Tieto Security Services, the Tieto Security Wall service, was designed to address the very problem described above.

Tieto Security Wall offers a real-time, understandable and actionable bird’s-eye view to organization’s cyber security situation.

The service can be extended via Tieto and third-party application programming interfaces to meet whatever needs arise, but the core proposition remains: it provides a view that both the board members and IT/security executives can understand. Without resorting to manually compiled spreadsheets.

 Tieto Security Wall Screenshot

Tieto Security Wall's dashboard gives the CIO and the CISO a bird's-eye view to security.

Download Tieto Security Services whitepaper here.

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